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Career Transition from Government to Corporate

Arvind Kumar Dela

Arvind Kumar Dela

15+ years

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Manager

Indian Navy

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC)

As documented by Arvind Kumar Dela

A professional at Indian Navy, I served the government sector for 15 years. Here my journey involved cross-functional expertise in the field of Administration, Delivery Management, Data Analytics, and Project Management. I am a Visionary and Strategic planner holding expertise in various domains. Post-retirement, I needed an introduction to the corporate world and logistics, which encouraged me to upskill. 

The Journey 

I have cross-functional expertise in different domains in the Indian Navy. I define myself as determined and self-motivated to execute high-quality results through rational analysis. My expertise lies in managing the team of the premier Data Centre of the Indian Navy’s National Command, Control, Communication, and Information (NC3I) Network. I have completed my military life with the Indian Navy and hung my uniform post 15 years of nostalgic service. During the years, I have handled diverse portfolios, including Logistics. However, there was a need to synchronize the military Logistic actions with the corporate domain. Hence, I decided to undertake the latest Logistic courses available in the market. 

The Challenge 

I needed to switch my domain to the corporate world. Furthermore, the requirement arose to incorporate my previous experiences with new learnings and their applications. A quality educational platform with excellent services on logistic courses was difficult to find. After thorough research, I chose Simplilearn for enrollment. 

Simplilearn Solution

My desirable course at Simplilearn was available in association with Purdue Univeristy, which was one of the factors for my choice. Apart from this, the experience at Simplilearn was applaudable for multiple reasons. Firstly, it was an interactive learning opportunity with an online-led instructor course. The objectives of the said course are achieved with modern edge technology demonstration and professional instructors. Secondly, it utilized a holistic approach to define 21st-century logistic requirements, challenges, automation of processes, and analytical-driven strategic decisions. The course also focused on challenges and growth opportunities in the Indian logistics sector. 

Post Graduate Program In Lean Six Sigma
Masterclasses by Faculty from Isenberg, UMass Amherst and Senior Consultants from KPMG

The Impact 

I felt knowledge and skill enrichment after this course accounted for the personal impact. I could bridge the gap between knowledge learned in the navy and current requirements and trends in the corporate world. Besides, the professional impact was visible by securing a new job with a 30% salary hike at Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC). 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Simplilearn offers a Post Graduate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management, which is brought to the candidates associated with Purdue University. The course is curated, keeping a competitive marketplace in focus along with global economical interconnection. The applicability of the program lies in multiple globally recognized brands. 

Skills Covered

  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Crossfunctional and Digital Skills
  • Process Documentation
  • Collaborative Planning and Forecasting
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Measurement
  • Assessment of Cost Impact
  • Design of Responsive Supply Chains
  • Value Estimation
  • Development of Response Plan

The program’s primary focus lies in the critical aspects of a digitally enabled supply chain. It utilizes technology for operational and decision improvement across the supply chain.