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Fast track your quality management career through one of our online programs. You’ll build digital skills and become an expert in Lean Six Sigma or CTFL. Read Simplilearn reviews below from learners who advanced their careers.

Alumni stories

Arvind Kumar Dela

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Manager

Indian Navy

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC)

As documented by Arvind Kumar Dela

A professional at Indian Navy, I served the government sector for 15 years. Here my journey involved cross-functional expertise in the field of Administration, Delivery Management, Data Analytics, and Project Management. I am a Visionary and Strategic planner holding expertise in various domains. Post-retirement, I needed an introduction to the corporate world and logistics, which encouraged me to upskill. 

The Journey 

I have cross-functional expertise in different domains in the Indian Navy. I define myself as determined and self-motivated to execute high-quality results through rational analysis. My expertise lies in managing the team of the premier Data Centre of the Indian Navy’s National Command, Control, Communication, and Information (NC3I) Network. I have completed my military life with the Indian Navy and hung my uniform post 15 years of nostalgic service. During the years, I have handled diverse portfolios, including Logistics. However, there was a need to synchronize the military Logistic actions with the corporate domain. Hence, I decided to undertake the latest Logistic courses available in the market. 

The Challenge 

I needed to switch my domain to the corporate world. Furthermore, the requirement arose to incorporate my previous experiences with new learnings and their applications. A quality educational platform with excellent services on logistic courses was difficult to find. After thorough research, I chose Simplilearn for enrollment. 

Simplilearn Solution

My desirable course at Simplilearn was available in association with Purdue Univeristy, which was one of the factors for my choice. Apart from this, the experience at Simplilearn was applaudable for multiple reasons. Firstly, it was an interactive learning opportunity with an online-led instructor course. The objectives of the said course are achieved with modern edge technology demonstration and professional instructors. Secondly, it utilized a holistic approach to define 21st-century logistic requirements, challenges, automation of processes, and analytical-driven strategic decisions. The course also focused on challenges and growth opportunities in the Indian logistics sector. 

Usman Ghani

Procurement specialist

Procurement specialist

Ontario Power Generation

Procurement specialist

Procurement specialist


As documented by Usman Ghani 

I am an engineering graduate with over 10 years of experience in the procurement sector. I have been exposed to new skills in this Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management that have broadened my knowledge in SCM.

Professional Background

I graduated from a university in Pakistan with a degree in engineering a while back. I have over 10 years of working experience in procurement and before that, I looked at the technical side of things. 

My first job was in 2008 in supply chain management as a procurement engineer. I moved to Qatar in 2013 and started working with Qatar Gas as a senior buyer. I worked there for six years and then I moved to Canada in 2019. I joined Ontario Power Generation in 2019 as a procurement specialist and I have been working there ever since. 

The Decision to Upskill

Given the current job market worldwide, if you apply for new jobs, companies look for someone with a certain set of skills. In my experience, I have come to know that companies prefer someone with a professional certification over the others. 

Also, I wanted to learn more about supply chain management, though I have been working in the sector for so long. I wanted to know the latest trends in the market. Sometimes, you can miss what’s happening, and I knew a certification would help me become up-to-date with the industry. 

My educational background is completely in engineering, and not having a certification in supply chain management made my resume look bad. I thought whenever I apply for a new job, this course and certification would come in handy. 

Choosing Simplilearn

I was looking for a platform that would provide me with a certification that the industry recognizes. I was doing my research when one of my friends recommended Simplilearn. He was taking a different course and really liked it. 

Also, I was looking for an online course since I am a working professional. Simplilearn provided that option. I also liked the fact that the certification course was in association with Purdue University, and I chose Simplilearn for these reasons.

Abdul Nasar

HR Specialist- Shared Services & Payroll

HR Specialist- Shared Services & Payroll


HR Specialist- Shared Services & Payroll

HR Specialist- Shared Services & Payroll


As documented by Abdul Nasar

After working in the human re