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Gaining Project Management Expertise is Accessible with Simplilearn

Jenifer La

Jenifer La

21+ years

Project Manager

Project Manager

Steward Health Care

Project Manager

Project Manager

As documented by Jenifer La

I am an American healthcare enthusiast who has worked in the healthcare industry for more than five years. I decided to change my career path from a health expert/consultant to a project manager and, when I was given some work opportunities in project management, I found I wasn’t prepared for the role due to a lack of skills. I changed that by enrolling in the UMass Amherst Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma with Simplilearn. After completing the course, I had a lot of the knowledge and skills required to be an effective project manager. Along with new responsibilities, I also gained a two percent salary hike. 

Simplilearn provided an enriching learning environment. I benefitted from Simplilearn’s comprehensive program, from their instructors and practice tests to their case studies and flexible learning schedule. With my new knowledge and skills, I plan to continue working in the healthcare industry, advancing my skillset, and experimenting with new job roles. 

A Varied Professional Journey

My professional journey has been dynamic: I started working in 2011 as a resident advisor, and next worked as a nutrition and diet expert. I come from a clinical background and moved into healthcare technology later. When I was first given the opportunity to work in project management, I did not have the formal education to be successful. 

I looked for courses that I could complete remotely as I live in a rural town and could not drive into the city every weekend. After much research and thought, I chose Simplilearn as it provided a lot of value for the money. It was also very convenient for me, considering my transportation limitations. 

I then joined Steward Healthcare Network in 2020 as a project manager, which has been a great experience for my career.

Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma
Real-world capstone projects and mentoring by KPMG experts

Simplilearn Offers Flexibility 

Simplilearn provided courses that were convenient for my current stage of life. I was able to complete these courses on the weekend. Who could think of learning on the weekends? Simplilearn made everything possible for me. It was a good way to immerse myself in a new career field and have a better grasp of the terminology and approach. 

The course allowed me to work on new projects as well as improve my project management approach to other projects. The case studies were thoughtful. I appreciate the option of being able to refer back to course materials as I am now studying for other exams. The Instructors also provided additional resources such as practice tests. Everything about the course was amazing, especially its flexibility. 

Maximizing Opportunity in My Chosen Field

I am very passionate about the healthcare industry, and I plan to continue working in it to the best of my ability. I also want to keep learning and expanding my knowledge to work in various roles and create maximum impact.