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Upskilling to Augment My Career in Digital Supply Chain Management 

Usman Ghani

Usman Ghani

15+ years

Procurement specialist

Procurement specialist

Ontario Power Generation

Procurement specialist

Procurement specialist


As documented by Usman Ghani 

I am an engineering graduate with over 10 years of experience in the procurement sector. I have been exposed to new skills in this Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management that have broadened my knowledge in SCM.

Professional Background

I graduated from a university in Pakistan with a degree in engineering a while back. I have over 10 years of working experience in procurement and before that, I looked at the technical side of things. 

My first job was in 2008 in supply chain management as a procurement engineer. I moved to Qatar in 2013 and started working with Qatar Gas as a senior buyer. I worked there for six years and then I moved to Canada in 2019. I joined Ontario Power Generation in 2019 as a procurement specialist and I have been working there ever since. 

The Decision to Upskill

Given the current job market worldwide, if you apply for new jobs, companies look for someone with a certain set of skills. In my experience, I have come to know that companies prefer someone with a professional certification over the others. 

Also, I wanted to learn more about supply chain management, though I have been working in the sector for so long. I wanted to know the latest trends in the market. Sometimes, you can miss what’s happening, and I knew a certification would help me become up-to-date with the industry. 

My educational background is completely in engineering, and not having a certification in supply chain management made my resume look bad. I thought whenever I apply for a new job, this course and certification would come in handy. 

Choosing Simplilearn

I was looking for a platform that would provide me with a certification that the industry recognizes. I was doing my research when one of my friends recommended Simplilearn. He was taking a different course and really liked it. 

Also, I was looking for an online course since I am a working professional. Simplilearn provided that option. I also liked the fact that the certification course was in association with Purdue University, and I chose Simplilearn for these reasons.

Post Graduate Program In Lean Six Sigma
Masterclasses by Faculty from Isenberg, UMass Amherst and Senior Consultants from KPMG

Overall Learning Experience

My overall experience was good. I really liked the classes where we were taught about procurement and various technologies that can be used to streamline our work. I also liked the logistics classes. 

The instructors and the faculty were very knowledgeable and the curriculum was also comprehensive. In fact, I am looking forward to taking more courses from Simplilearn. 

Career Outlook

Supply chain is a very vast field, and several things were not directly related to the kind of work that I do. However, it has exposed me to some new skills that have broadened my knowledge and will definitely help me to widen my job prospects in the other sectors, too. 

For example, I learned more about logistics, which I did not know before. Now, I know how to use big data, AI, and augmented reality to build a system of warehouse automation. 

The main benefit that I got from the course is that I know procurement much better now. I have been working in the sector, but there were things that I didn’t know. I was able to compare that knowledge with my experience. Things at work have not changed, but I feel that I can perform better at my job now.  

I will start applying for new jobs, and plan to apply the knowledge I have gained there as well. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Explore Your Options in Supply Chain Management

​​Our Post Graduate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management, in partnership with Purdue University, covers a wide range of topics such as digital supply chain management, blockchain technology, and the impact that these technologies are having on businesses today. The course also discusses how to create strategic plans for the use of these technologies in your business. Earn your certification by enrolling today!