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Enhance Your skills as a Software Developer from Simplilearn

Wayne Ryan

Wayne Ryan

20+ years

Web Developer

Web Developer

Smith Drug Company

Web Developer

Web Developer


As documented by Wyan Ryan

Previously I worked as a teacher of Computer Science and later decided to change to Software Development. But to my surprise, I realized that the course I did in 2007 was no longer in use. Numerous changes in technologies have been observed since then. Despite getting a job, I knew I could not give my hundred percent because of my lack of knowledge in this field. I wanted to improve in this area of Software Development and decided to take up a course in Simplilearn.

The Journey

I Graduated from Clemson University with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Although I did pursue a Ph.D., I couldn’t finish it. Before becoming a full-time Computer Science teacher, I did a summer internship as a research assistant at NASA and worked in numerous other internships and jobs. I had worked for almost 8 years as a teacher when I decided to try software development. I have always wanted to try this field as a professional career. Even in my bachelor days, I worked as a freelancer and continued this for some time. Finally, ITW Hartness gave me the opportunity in 2019, and I became a software developer. I work with Smith Drug and am responsible for various tasks, from identifying and evaluating to looking after applications that perform particular tasks.

The Challenge

As times have changed, many new technologies have been introduced. As I stated earlier, the degree I did in 2007 was good, but it doesn’t deliver the requirements needed in today’s technologies. So it has been difficult for me to cope with the information. Also, the job interviews I attended asked me about certain technologies I didn’t know about. So, to tackle this knowledge gap, I decided to apply for a certification course. I really needed confidence in my interviews. 

Post Graduate Program In Full Stack Web Development
Masterclasses taught by Caltech CTME instructor

Simplilearn Solution

I wanted to enroll in a certificate course that had a good reputation and the best curriculum structure. And Simplilearn is known to have these two qualities. It also offers live classes that motivated me to finish this course between my busy schedules. So I decided to enroll in the Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development from Caltech CTME, which became a great learning platform for me. Learning the new trends from professionals in this course benefited me in a lot of ways.

The Impact

I had a really good experience with Simplilearn. I found the instructors really skilled. They had amiable behavior. They always created a pleasing student environment and made the learning process easier. Taking up this course helped me get familiar with aspects of software development and grow in this field.  

A Word From Simplilearn

The Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development from Caltech CTME is a perfect place to learn and grow as a software developer. You can learn all the key techniques with the help of various advanced topics covered in this course. 

Skills Covered

  • Agile
  • Java
  • JSP
  • DevOps 

Simplilearn offers you the best place to learn and enhance your knowledge on various complex topics in Web Development. With the help of the best professional instructors, you can become a better software developer and shine in your professional journey.