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With top global companies such as Microsoft, Google, Netflix, EY, Adobe and more on the look-out for software developers that are trained in the most cutting-edge skills and tools, this space promises a career progress like no other. Our industry-aligned programs ensures learners end up with what employers are exactly hiring for right now. Don’t take our word for it – read real accounts and reviews from past learners on how Simplilearn has helped them achieve their dreams of building a top software development career!

Alumni stories

Soumi Pal Basu

Picture of Senior Quality Analyst

Senior Quality Analyst

Sonata Software

Picture of Senior Quality Analyst

Senior Quality Analyst

Doodleblue Innovations


Residing in the vibrant city of Bangalore, I embarked on my professional journey as an engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. My career took its first steps at IDMIA, where I was deeply involved in software engineering tasks for nearly five years. However, life’s transitions, including marriage and relocation, necessitated a career pause. This break, rather than becoming a roadblock, served as a launchpad for my next career phase, thanks to a strategic decision to upskill in Full Stack Development.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals

The decision to take a hiatus from my professional life wasn’t easy, especially knowing the rapid pace at which technology evolves. Determined to not let this break hinder my career trajectory, I chose to upskill myself in an area that was both challenging and full of opportunities: Full Stack Development. Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer Masters Program was my course of choice, aiming not just to brush up on my existing skills but to acquire new ones that would set me apart in the competitive tech landscape of Bangalore.

My Experience with Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s blended learning approach, combining live and recorded sessions, provided the flexibility I needed to balance learning with personal commitments. The 24×7 lab assistance was invaluable, allowing me to dive deep into projects at my own pace and on my schedule. What stood out most were the industry-relevant projects included in the curriculum, which prepared me for the practical challenges I would face in the tech world. This learning journey was not just about acquiring knowledge; it was about growing, overcoming obstacles, and preparing for the future.

Rogelio Lotho

Picture of Software Developer

Software Developer

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Picture of Software Developer

Software Developer


As documented by Rogelio Lotho

I am an IT professional with over two decades of experience. I am currently living in New Mexico and for the past four years, I have been working at Los Alamos National Laboratory under the Department of Energy as a software developer. My duties include software maintenance in PHP, Node.js, Mern and .net. I also maintain various applications, which includes app and web development and upgradation. 

I am a self-taught developer, and I realized that I was lacking a solid foundation in software development, so I decided to take a course. 

My work revolves around handling various applications. Currently, I am handling five different applications in .NET, PHP, and other programming languages. With very little knowledge about new and emerging technologies, I was facing significant challenges at work. But now I have seen a difference in myself; I am able to perform these tasks better and more efficiently. 

I am confident that completing the course will help me get recognized at my company. 

Professional Journey

I am an IT professional with over two decades of experience in the field. I am originally from the Philippines, graduated from a school in the Philippines, and I have lived and worked in various countries.

I relocated to Australia during the initial days of my career. After that, I moved to Europe and worked in Germany for some time. I got a job in Zurich, Switzerland as a Micro Strategist in 1999. 

I moved to the United States a year later in 2000 and started working small jobs in the IT sector. I started working with Pepperdine University as a web and multimedia developer in 2005. In 2014, I earned a Masters in Business Administration from the same university. I worked there until 2015.

I started working with Wells Fargo in 2017 as a .NET developer and as a Senior Associate Analytics Developer in 2018 where I developed an API controller for a customer survey system. 

The Decision to Upskill

My background in software development is mostly self-taught; I don’t really have a solid foundation. Before I enrolled in the course, I had very little knowledge about Angular, Java, Full Stack, and Cloud. I really wanted to enhance my knowledge and I thought a course might be helpful. 

I chose Simplilearn because my company requires me to attend a course from a U.S.-recognized university, otherwise they won’t consider it during internal interviews, and Caltech CTME is a well-known university. My company approved the course and that is when I enrolled in the Simplilearn program. 

Another reason I chose this particular course was the excellent curriculum. All the technologies that I wanted to learn were being covered, which helped me choose this course.

Daniel Altufaili

Picture of IT infrastructure oprations

IT infrastructure oprations

Johnson Electric

Picture of IT infrastructure oprations

IT infrastructure oprations


This program helped him broaden his knowledge and significantly encouraged him to keep upskilling and enhancing his intelligence

As documented by Daniel Altufaili

I am an IT professional from the United States with six years of work experience. I have a degree in electronics engineering

My Professional Journey

I am a passionate IT infrastructure operations professional with a vast knowledge of server hardware and software. I have worked with Johnson Electric in the IT infrastructure operations field since the start of my career. I have always worked well under pressure and have been noted as someone who gets things done. With over six years of experience in the IT field, I have worked in many different countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. I strive to offer the best solutions to the clients and team members I work with, whether in their current environment or new servers. My goal is to give them the most cost-effective and stable system available.

Choosing to Upskill

I decided to upskill with the Automation Testing Master’s Program offered by Simplilearn to improve performance in my current role because I wanted to help bridge the knowledge between teams in my company. This course definitely helped me do that. I have always been enthusiastic about IT and learning various aspects of the domain. This program was a decision made to enhance my IT knowledge and advance my professional performance. I am also working on IoT and ML projects with the help of the skills and knowledge I acquired through this course.


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