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Simplilearn Reviews: How Full Stack Development Skills Led to the Job I Wanted

 Harshad Kalantri

Harshad Kalantri

1+ years

 Branding and PR Intern

Branding and PR Intern


CSM Developer Intern

CSM Developer Intern


I received a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at BML Munjal University. I didn’t get the placement I wanted, so I started working in my family’s business. But I always wanted to be in the corporate IT field. I wanted to justify my degree and put it to work.

I needed to upskill and eventually found Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer course.

I chose Simplilearn’s course because it has a very comprehensive syllabus. I also  asked my peers about the course and saw it had good reviews. The job guarantee was another major driving factor in choosing Simplilearn.

The learning experience was good and very engaging. I especially liked learning through projects. They gave me a real idea and understanding of the material. The course had detailed self-learning modules and live weekend classes, so it was easier to manage everything. The labs also offered good practice. I could refer to the ebooks, guides, and recordings at any time. The course made me better at time management and problem-solving, as well as helped me be more consistent and efficient.

After the course, I received job assistance from Simplilearn and secured interviews at five companies. I was offered a job at MYCOM and joined the company as a software developer in October 2021. I am thankful to Simplilearn for helping me get where I wanted and creating a strong foundation for me.

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Engage in top notch curriculum, assessments and projects to enhance your skills and profile.

Simplilearn opened doors to many things I didn’t know. The certification helped me a lot, and I continue to use the skills in my current job. Before the course, I considered myself a beginner or amateur at best. Now I feel like I know the content in-depth. The course made me want to continue to focus and learn more. I’m confident that in the future, I will be able to use new skills to obtain a salary increase or promotion.

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