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Making Sense of Blockchain

Kunal Khatri

Kunal Khatri

1+ years

Ramjas College, Univ. of Delhi

Ramjas College, Univ. of Delhi




As reported by Kunal Khatri

There’s a lot of talk about blockchain technology today, especially in association with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain enthusiasts have long held to the idea that the technology has uses that go beyond cryptocurrency.

That’s all very nice, but I wanted to understand blockchain better. Was it really as great as the pundits said it was? Fortunately, I happened upon Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain by IIT Kanpur, and it cleared up a lot of blockchain’s mysteries for me.

My Background

I am a self-taught front-end developer and undergrad Physics student at Ramjas College, University of Delhi. In fact, I best describe myself as a “physics maniac!” I am proficient in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and also know a good deal about Bootstrap and React. So yes, I’m still in school, so don’t expect this story to end with the typical “…and I got a better job!” At least, not exactly. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.

My Challenge: Getting a Good Grasp on What Blockchain Is and How Useful it Really Is

Despite my expertise in tools such as JavaScript and HTML5, I had a knowledge gap where blockchain was concerned. So, it was clear that I needed to be brought up to speed on blockchain, and also figure out how applicable it really was in today’s IT and business world.

But there are a lot of voices out there in the digital world, ranging from those who insist blockchain is the answer to all our digital problems going forward, and the naysayers who insist that blockchain is just a fad and not nearly as good or secure as its proponents make it out to be. I needed a source of information that was objective and gave me the full story on blockchain and its practical applications. That’s where Simplilearn entered the picture.

Professional Certificate Program In Blockchain
Masterclasses from IIT Kanpur faculty

How Simplilearn Helped Me

Thanks to this course, I learned about various blockchains in detail like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and a few other blockchains in brief. I got to know exactly what a blockchain is, all about its architecture, how it works to make the data tamper-proof, and how it removes third-party or central authority interference and brings transparency to the world.

In my opinion, the self-learning videos by @Sandeep Shukla of IIT Kanpur were the best. He showed us both sides of blockchain technology. For example, not only did he show me blockchain technology’s potential of the technology (e.g., how it can be a boon for enterprises, especially regarding the supply chain where tracking a product that used to take weeks can now be done in seconds) but also familiarize me with blockchain’s potential pitfalls, like how anonymity in the blockchain network has led to a rise in criminal activities and drug sales worldwide.

Although the self-learning videos were my favorite, the live classes were just as informative. We learned how to code smart contracts, among other things. What I especially liked about the live classes was the one-to-one interaction with the teacher, which in turn made problem-solving easier. The course was not only limited to me but rather included a community of other learners. We connected with each other, and worked on stuff together, helping each other when anyone needed it.

The Results: An Increased Understanding of Blockchain Technology and its Applications

In the final analysis, I found that after the course I felt enlightened and better informed about blockchain technology. I could now see various instances where blockchain can be a direct and perfect solution to the problem while at the same time the course gave me the awareness to objectively see the areas where blockchain is not needed. Understanding the difference between the two positions was the most satisfying thing I got from this course. Blockchain technology is great, and it solves many problems, but it’s not the answer to everything. I even got a job offer but I couldn’t accept it because I am still in school and I want to focus on my studies.