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A Straight Path to Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Swapnil Pal

Swapnil Pal

3+ years

Senior Executive

Senior Executive


Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer


As documented by Swapnil Pal

My name is Swapnil Pal, and I am a systems engineer, and hold a Bachelor of Technology (B-tech) degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering. Prior to this position, I worked with India-based company, VOIS, as a senior quality assurance executive. The position was the result of a campus placement.

I decided to upskill because I wanted to change my career path from software tester to software developer. Since I was also curious about web development, I started learning on my own. Still, I knew that it wasn’t enough, so I began searching for online courses. I eventually discovered the Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Full Stack Web Development by CalTech, provided by Simplilearn. So, in 2021, I decided to upskill myself.

After three phases of the course (covering core Java, advanced Java, and spring framework) I was confident enough to switch my role from being a tester to a developer. In March 2022, I switched my job to TCS as a Java developer and now I am working there as a systems engineer. I switched my job with a 20 percent salary increase. Now that I’ve completed the course, I’m expecting some more in my cost to company. 

Post Graduate Program In Full Stack Web Development
Masterclasses taught by Caltech CTME instructor

A Program to Help You Grow Professionally and Personally

I enjoyed my experience with Simplilearn because completing the program provided me with great instruction and coursework, and there was also personal growth as I learned time and work management. Every class was conducted well and the instructors were also very helpful.

Simplilearn’s partnership with CalTech (CTME) is a flexible learning environment that allowed me to study and complete assignments on the weekend only (Saturday and Sunday) This was a perfect fit for me because I was able to work on weekdays and take classes on weekends.