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Upskilling Can Instill Confidence in a New Career Direction

Jonathan Mabiala

Jonathan Mabiala

3+ years

SAS Administrater

SAS Administrater


Java Software Developer

Java Software Developer


As documented by Jonathan Mabiala

I joined Rhesus Inc. in 2019 as a network engineer. I joined my current company, Desjardins, in July last year as a SAS administrator, hoping to become a programmer 

With my background in programming, I believed I knew a little about everything. But I aimed to know about everything in the programming world. That led me to Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer online course. I thought it would help me change my career, so I took the course last year.

After completing the course, I gained in-depth knowledge, which helped me take a leap and change my domain. Desjardins recognized my new certification, and I joined the programming team as a Java software developer.

An inquisitive upbringing

I have been to many countries since childhood because my father wanted me to see the world for myself. I also was educated abroad and received a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Maine. 

I started programming websites on a freelance basis as a college student. Also, I started teaching programming to my interested friends. I realized the importance of upskilling early and started teaching myself programming, and I learned Java, PHP, and other languages independently.

My work has also taken me to many places. I settled in Quebec, Canada, in 2019 with my family, mainly because of the calm surroundings and the peace of mind the country offers.

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Answering when opportunity knocks 

Opportunity knocked when my current employer was looking for a Java developer. But I realized that I needed a certification. Also, I wanted to upskill myself on the latest trends in the market. In addition, I wanted to focus on my career rather than doing random tasks. 

Simplilearn is quite popular among IT professionals, and the feel and look of the courses demonstrate that they are designed for working professionals. The live classes are excellent and provide an option where you can clarify your doubts with the instructors in real-time. 

How Simplilearn steered my career forward

Desjardins hired me as a SAS administrator, and my job was to support customers. But I was more interested in programming. I had a programming background, but I did not adequately understand the whole picture, which made me afraid to go into the field. 

Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer course helped me overcome that fear. I gained a depth of knowledge in the field, which prompted me to change my domain. I learned that upskilling is vital to overcoming a fear of failure. 

My company recognized the certification, and I joined the programming team of my company as a Java software developer. Now I am doing what makes me happy, and it is because I made a simple decision to upskill myself.