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Upskilling Helped With Career Transformation

Himanshu Sukhija

Himanshu Sukhija

4+ years

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Tata Consultancy Services

Associate Consultant

Associate Consultant


As documented by Himanshu Sukhija

The passion to constantly upskill myself helped me to transform my career. I have always dreamt of becoming a highly-skilled Software Architect professional. Here is my story.

My Journey

I hail from Gurgaon and stay there with my family. I started my professional career with TCS six years ago. I got that job during campus placement, and it was a QA (quality assurance) role manual testing profile. But I was always interested in software development, mainly Java, my favorite language. 

The Challenge

Whenever I used to reach out to my managers to change my role, they would ask for some proof or certifications. The lack of any formal development knowledge or certifications, I was unable to move towards the software development domain. I was constantly looking for ways to upskill myself and this is the time when I came across Simplilearn. One of my friends was taking the Data Engineering course from Simplilearn, and his feedback was very good, so I checked out the course on the Simplilearn website, and I liked the roadmap and structure of the course.

The Simplilearn Solution

I browsed through the different Java courses offered by Simplilearn and finalized on the Java Certification Training Course. It was a six-month-long course, and it set the ground for me. I came to understand what to explore at that time. Before taking the course, I was in an imaginary universe and thought we needed to learn everything, but that’s not the case in software development. We just need to learn what is required at that point. Now I have cleared the OCGP certification after taking this course. Everything was perfect in the course, there was 24×7 technical support and flexible schedules, and whenever we had any doubts, it was cleared within a day. Simplilearn has helped me a lot, and I want to thank Simplilearn for providing me with a platform to start my actual career in software development.

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Start building your product from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training

The Results

I feel like my career in TCS actually started after I completed this course and moved into the development role. Since then, my professional journey has been very smooth until now. I have changed three companies since I was at TCS. Right after TCS, I got a 100% hike, but overall I have got a 500% salary increment since I left TCS 6 years ago, and Simplilearn’s course has helped me a lot in achieving this.

If anyone is struggling in the software industry, firstly, just understand that it is a fantastic industry to be in, and we are fortunate to be in that industry. There are many amazing opportunities and a lot of money to be earned in this industry. If you are not sure what to learn for your professional growth, please check out Simplilearn. I am giving you 100% assurance that it will be worth it. After 2-3 years, you will thank Simplilearn.

Currently, I am working at a service-based organization. My last organization was product-based, but I switched back to a service-based organization. My short-term goal is to become a software lead in my current organization and eventually my long-term goal is to become a Software Architect. I would highly recommend others to keep the upskilling journey going on and most definitely with Simplilearn.