Sometimes it takes just a spark of initiative and some friendly words of guidance to jump onto a new, exciting career path. Former software developer Alankar Dwivedi said a phone conversation with a Simplilearn representative convinced him to leverage his existing work experience, enroll in the Simplilearn’s Cloud Architect Masters Course, and enter the wide world of cloud computing. 

Cloud computing enables businesses and consumers to leverage servers, storage, data, and networking over the internet, in the cloud, instead of on-premises infrastructure. 

Cloud computing is an expanding, promising field. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), at least half of the IT spend is on cloud-based technologies, and that percentage is forecasted to grow. 

Getting Profitable Career Advice

Dwivedi followed a friend’s suggestion and contacted Simplilearn for advice. After providing some information on Simplilearn’s website, he received a call from its support team. “One of the executives asked about my background and suggested Simplilearn’s Cloud Computing courses,” Dwivedi recalled. “I already had a background in projects, products, and development. I worked with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Office 365, and Dynamics 365 technologies. On that basis, he suggested that I already knew about cloud computing and just had to learn the in-depth concepts. 

Cloud Architect (AWS & Azure) Masters Program

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Cloud Architect (AWS & Azure) Masters Program

“He told me that if I gain in-depth knowledge of cloud, how applications are built, and how you manage their administration, I could attain a senior position in the industry.”

Cloud Computing’s Growth

Nearly 90 percent of the companies across the world are on the cloud. Plus, the global public cloud computing market will cross around $350 billion this year, according to

 Cloud computing helps companies find efficiencies and realize bottom-line savings. It can reduce IT costs, and improve remote working flexibility and scalability. Also, there are advanced security features. Some of the top cloud service providers Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and others.

Those interested in looking into a cloud computing career are looking in the right direction — the demand for cloud-computing skills exceeds supply. AWS certifications are some of the highest-paying in the IT industry. 

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Simplilearn’s Cloud Computing Approach

Students taking Simplilearn’s Cloud Architect Master’s Course can learn more than 50 cloud computing skills and tools from leading Caltech CTME faculty. These skills include cloud workloads, disaster recovery, database management, autoscaling, performance testing, web services, and API. It also offers more than 30 hands-on projects and integrated labs, and a capstone project in four domains. Simplilearn’s practical course of study helps certified students become job-ready following certification. 

Some of the jobs available in the cloud computing field are cloud developer, cloud security engineer, front-end and back-end developer, sysops administrator, development operations engineer, and solutions architect.

Making a Mid-Career Leap

It was monotony that first drove Dwivedi to seek out new career opportunities. 

He received a software engineer diploma course from NIIT in Bhopal and started working as a trainer at NIIT technologies. He worked at GE, Convergys, and Netlink, before moving into a software developer job at Ictect.

“I was just following orders and was living a monotonous life,” Dwivedi recalls. “I often had to work weekends and could not attend family functions.”

After deciding to enroll with Simplilearn, Dwivedi took a mid-career break to pursue his studies. “After taking Simplilearn’s course, I got my confidence back. I understood the technologies and could talk about them,” he said. “Now, I have an in-depth knowledge of AWS, Azure, and GCP.”

Dwivedi started his technical consulting firm helping clients migrate to the cloud, implement workloads and cloud resources, and teach them basic DevOps principles. With his Simplilearn training, Dwivedi can speak to the software teams. With his DevOps knowledge, he knows the processes to automate their work. 

Give Your Career The Edge

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Give Your Career The Edge

Dwivedi is a persuasive speaker at workshops, seminars, corporate events, and universities. He’s mentoring a student start-up and providing thought leadership.

Dwivedi's personal life has taken a turn for the better as well. “There has been a drastic change,” he said. “My work is flexible, I work on more than one thing at a time, and I can spend more time with my family. I am enjoying life.”

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