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Certification for CV and job

Picture of Prabhat Kosuru

Prabhat Kosuru

12+ years

Picture of Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager

Bosch Global Software Technologies

Picture of Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager


As documented by Prabhat Kosuru 

A postgraduate from the Birla Institute of technology, I hold ten years of experience in project management at Bosch Global Software Technologies. My expertise, however, lacked an understanding of Machine Learning and AI, which was crucial for the better functioning of our new project. To actively participate in the project and improve my present work, I upskilled myself for learning, promotion, and incrementing my pay scale.

The Journey

I have completed my master’s in Data Science and Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. With an experience of over 10+ years of, I am currently working as a Project Manager at Bosch Global Software Technologies. I have been with Bosch for over ten years in Automotive Sw Tools development. We are in our next phase of expansion with great transformations in the automotive industry. AI will be an edge for us. For this reason, I upskilled myself with Machine Learning advanced Certification course from Simplilearn to develop a deeper understanding of the field. 

The Challenge

Working on the expansion plan, I acknowledged my unawareness of the concepts of Machine Learning. It compelled me to work on myself and learn. Managing my work with learning from the beginning was hard to manage. I needed a flexible learning schedule not to compromise my work or learning. 

Simplilearn Solution

The two biggest concerns I mentioned above found the solution in the Professional Certification Program in AI and Machine Learning at Simplilearn. The blended learning helped me balance and effectively utilize my time. The availability of both live classes and recorded lectures facilitated an easy learning environment for me. 

Their structure helped me connect the dots for clarity and fill the gaps. The expert guidance was a source of practical insights into Machine Learning, which was a dire need for me. Moreover, the Simplilearn customer care was spontaneous to my queries by not keeping me waiting. 

Based on my overall experience of personal and professional growth in my career, I would recommend Simplilearn. The top reasons for my suggestion are time management, expert guidance, and Simplilearn customer service. 

Post Graduate Program In AI And Machine Learning
3 Capstones and 25+ Projects with industry data sets from Twitter, Uber, Mercedes Benz, and many more

The Impact

I can proudly and confidently add my development to the CV, which will open the gates to more career opportunities. In a present working environment, my certification from Simplilearn earned me a promotion and a 30% increment in my salary. 

I learned not only the knowledge but also the application skills. It was evident from my work. I implemented and executed the existing products at Bosch with AI capabilities to win over a more significant set of customers. The techniques and strategies from practical examples by experts encouraged my action. 

A Word From Simplilearn

In association with Purdue University, Simplilearn brings the desirable Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning. Co-sponsored by IBM, the course is designed to elevate expertise in related domains through numerous projects to gain hands-on experience.

Skills Covered

  • NumPy
  • Keras
  • Ensemble learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Statistic
  • Supervised & Unsupervised learning
  • Python
  • Speech recognition
  • GANs
  • Computer vision
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Recommendation Systems

Covering numerous tools and expert guidance develops the practical approach to learning, directly benefiting candidates’ jobs. A new career choice to teach is also possible among numerous other career opportunities.