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Upskilling to Stay Updated on Advancing Technology

Byron (Bo') Jones

Byron (Bo') Jones

11+ years

Project Manager & Engineer

Project Manager & Engineer

Cornerstone Automation Systems

Transformation Project Engineer

Transformation Project Engineer

Koch Industries

As documented by Byron Bo Jones

I’m an American project manager with more than 15 years of experience working as a transformational project engineer for Koch Industries. After recognizing the prevalence of data science and artificial intelligence in our industry, I decided to upskill myself. I believed that upskilling would help me increase the scope of my work and perform more efficiently. I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning in collaboration with Purdue University. It is the second time I’ve taken a Simplilearn course, and the experience has been great. 

After completing the course, I am better positioned to seek new roles in artificial intelligence and machine learning within my organization. I also believe the course helped me build valuable connections and networks with other data science experts at my company. 

What benefitted me the most was Simplilearn’s friendly, experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum. I trust that the course material is up to date with the newest technological advances.

In the future, I plan to secure a leadership position in the fintech or healthcare sector to use my data science skills to the best of my ability. 

My Job Requires an In-Depth Understanding of Data 

The world around us is data-driven, and my job profile demands an in-depth understanding of data and its applications. To increase the scope of my work abilities and make better overall decisions, I decided to upskill myself. 

I am a project manager with 15+ years of experience. My academics revolved around mechanical engineering, and I am currently working as a transformational projects engineer at Koch Industries. My day-to-day responsibilities include project and program management, installing large-scale equipment, and designing and developing capital projects. My job profile includes regular simulations to optimize lead times and ensure product line capacity. Contributing to developing new products and processes is also a crucial part of my job. Before Koch, I worked as a project engineer for Cornerstones Automation Systems.

Professional Certificate Program In AI And Machine Learning
3 Capstones and 25+ Projects with industry data sets from Twitter, Uber, Mercedes Benz, and many more

Simplilearn is My Go-To for New Skills

Simplilearn isn’t new for me. I pursued a project management program earlier; this was my second time doing a professional program with Simplilearn. My experience with Simplilearn has always been rewarding, so I keep returning. I know where to go whenever I need to learn a new skill.

Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning curriculum is comprehensive and includes all the necessary tools and concepts. This course helped me advance personally as well as professionally. The instructors are very encouraging and friendly. I remember my first instructor who taught me Python, motivating me each time to perform better. I believe Simplilearn offers an up-to-date curriculum with the newest advancements in technological tools. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Learn the Latest AI and ML Applications

Stay current on cutting-edge technology with Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning, co-sponsored by Purdue University & IBM. With programming experience, professionals can learn Statistics, Natural Language Processing, ML, neural networks, and Reinforcement Learning. Contact Simplilearn and learn how you can enhance your career with AI and ML expertise.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in AI And Machine Learning has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in AI And Machine Learning