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Computer Science Veteran Upskills Towards Entrepreneurship in AI  

Picture of Sheryar Jalil

Sheryar Jalil

16+ years

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Data Scientist


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Technical Analyst

IBM Canada

As documented by Sheryar Jalil 

I am a highly experienced computer science enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. WIth over two decades of work experience, I have worked with several companies, including IBM.

Professional Journey

My professional journey began in 1999 with Kuwait Oil Company, and I have worked with various companies throughout my career. I am a former IBM employee who worked in Technical Support Level II. I have education experience at a university level, but I was ready to restart my learning journey and find new job opportunities. I wanted to upgrade my skill set when I chose to enroll in the Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning that Simplilearn offered, which was created in collaboration with Purdue University. Currently, I am freelancing and looking forward to joining IBM again soon.

Course Highlights

Prior to starting the program, I didn’t have high expectations as it was an online course, but after taking live classes, my education experience was extremely positive. The quality of interaction within the course was simply amazing. I really appreciate the wide variety of courses that Simplilearn offers and the reputed universities it has partnered with. The teaching staff is also commendable and they are very experienced. 

Career Impact

After completing this course, my knowledge expanded multi-fold. I was offered new projects and it also helps me with my freelancing work currently. The course has benefited me immensely by updating my coding skills in Python. I am currently in the process of getting re-hired and I believe that with this certification in my portfolio, I have a very strong professional identity. Also, I am planning to start an AI based start-up, and I am confident the knowledge I gained from this program will be especially beneficial during the process. The program has added a new dimension to my professional career and I am thrilled I chose to upskill with Simplilearn. 

Professional Certificate Program In AI And Machine Learning
3 Capstones and 25+ Projects with industry data sets from Twitter, Uber, Mercedes Benz, and many more

Pursuing a Passion

My long-term goal is to make a successful career out of my education background and continue in the field of computer science. I want to utilize my skills developed throughout my IT experiences, as well as build on existing skills. Technology is something I truly enjoy in various aspects of my life; in my free time, I enjoy Raspberry Pi electronics and radio control cars. I also enjoy drones and I feel the technology has a huge market as we step into the future. Last but not the least, I love spending time on YouTube, as both a creator and viewer. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Explore Your Options in AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML are two of the most rapidly evolving technologies today, and they both offer ample opportunities to improve our lives in many ways. With our Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning, you can gain an in-depth understanding of these technologies and how to use them for the best results. Enroll today!