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Developing a Global Perspective in Marketing with AI for Decision Making

Gaurav Tyagi

Gaurav Tyagi

11+ years

Associate Vice President

Associate Vice President

Cloud4C Services

Business Manager

Business Manager

Google Cloud

As documented by Gaurav Tyagi

I always believe in learning, and it has shaped who I am today. In my professional journey, my mantra has always been the same –  “Learning is growing. If you stop learning, you’ll stop growing. Therefore, it has to be an evolving process.” This has helped me reach great heights both personally and professionally.

My Journey

My professional career hasn’t always been linear. I studied Electronics and Telecommunication and graduated from Sardar Patel University in 2007 before deciding to grow in marketing. I then pursued PGDM in Marketing from the SIES College of Management Studies in 2011. For the last 12 years, I have been working in my dream company, Google Cloud. I am currently a Business Manager and am responsible for ensuring people use the right tools and collaboration strategies, allowing them to expand and scale better with Google Technologies.

My company provides a lot of flexibility in work, so I rarely go to the office. I h ave been assigned to manage various regions, so my work involves a lot of traveling and interactions with various companies’ CEOs, CPOS, Co-Founders, and even senior-level stakeholders, including the Board of Directors. 

The Challenge

While my job is fantastic, I know I must follow my learning mantra. At my Google Cloud division, I realized that majority of my interactions with the customers revolved around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This was becoming a promising sector for me in terms of sales. So, to serve my customers better and improve my performance in my current role, I decided that taking up an in-depth course in AI and ML would be the perfect way to upskill myself.

Professionally, I want to be known as an individual who understands new-age technologies (like metaverse), both their application and implication to a specific industry. I would like to see myself grow as a person who can contribute to helping a social issue or an industry-specific issue concerning new technologies and innovations. This is why upskilling seemed like the perfect choice for me!

MS in Artificial Intelligence
Dual degree with London South Bank University

The Simplilearn Solution

I had a few ways to decide how I wanted to conduct my learning, I knew physical classes weren’t for me as I wanted to continue spending time at home with my wife and kids, so I knew online was my best bet. I had already heard of Simplilearn because of their various marketing activities and awareness campaigns, so trust was already involved. The primary factor in choosing Simplilearn’s AI For Decision Making: Business Strategies And Applications was the relevance of the course to me and the fact that the Wharton School offers it. If it had been some other platform, I might have needed some research, but since it was Simplilearn, I was quite confident to upskill myself.

Since joining, my experience with Simplilearn has been exceptional. Like I’ve mentioned that I’m always on the go, I wanted to learn on my mobile. Simplilearn’s easy platform made it easy actually to learn on the go. I know that I’m definitely going to be taking more courses from them in the future. 

The Results

The course primarily helped me achieve two things. Firstly,  the course talked about various practical case studies. So, the course helped me understand cases within the Finance, marketing, and HR domains that has been adopted well. This further gave me factual knowledge and confidence to support my interactions with the various clients to suggest to them specific cases of what they can adopt or what not in those domains for their company. Secondly, there were a lot of interviews with industry professionals in the course. That gave me foresight into what some leading company industry leaders are thinking about AI implications. 

I would recommend to other professionals that they should always keep learning and keep upskilling, and most definitely with Simplilearn!