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Machine Learning Certification Puts a Career Back on Track

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Julie Beers

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ML Data Manager


As documented by Julie Beers

AI and ML training helps a middle-aged mom advance in her career with marketable skills and confidence.  

I loved my job at Dell Technologies, but I suddenly found myself out of work due to my limited education and training. I turned that around by upskilling myself with the Caltech Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Bootcamp, and today I am a machine learning data manager at Abbin. 

I should mention that I’m a 41-year-old mother and grandmother. When I was 18, I joined the U.S. Army and worked in its human resources division. After my two-year service, I dealt with some personal setbacks and struggled to find a decent job. A hiring agency connected me with Dell Technologies, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, due to my limited education qualifications, I was eventually let go. That was a sign to me that I needed to upskill and I enrolled for the Caltech Machine Learning Bootcamp from Simplilearn. The course gave me a toolbox of skills and boosted my portfolio. It definitely prepared me for the work I’m doing now and for roles I hope to have in the future. My goal is to be a machine learning and Python expert, to work as a freelancer, and teach these skills to others. 

Moving Forward and Not Looking Back

Three years ago, I vowed to keep moving forward and never look back, no matter what. Enduring tough times and a difficult marriage made me realize the importance of self-dependence.

I earned a meager income through my photography business, but I was able to build a house for our family. One day, a hiring agency called looking for candidates to work at Dell Technologies. I cracked that job and simply loved it. Everyone there made me push my limits and I thrived on finding solutions to workplace problems. 

However, because I wasn’t certified, I was let go from my job. I was devastated. The job made me feel confident, smart, and self-dependent. From then on, it was my motto to get back to Dell Technologies. 

First, I needed upskilling. I enrolled in Simplilearn’s course and that has been a great decision for me.

Today, I credit Simplilearn with my love of self-learning. Whenever I land up a new job, I’m confident that I’ll give my best. My intellectual abilities are expanding exponentially and I am very happy about that. By learning with Simplilearn, my portfolio of work is improving tremendously and my toolbox is overflowing with solutions.

Caltech AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp
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Simplilearn’s Applied Learning Approach Works

I have loved learning with Simplilearn. Everyone in the Simplilearn community — be it my instructors, fellow peers, or student mentors — are all looking out for me. I don’t feel alone. The topmost feature for me in this course is Simplilearn’s blended learning approach. The schedules are flexible and I can study at my convenience. I find myself rewatching the course lectures frequently.

I also appreciate how Simplilearn’s instructors teach the important parts first and the “extras later. I particularly enjoyed Dr. Owner, who took his time and made sure that everybody could to follow along. Simplilearn offers learning in a way that’s not forced.

My course manager at Simplilearn was also amazing; the response rate for tickets and queries incredibly fast, and the motivational emails we get are encouraging and informative. If I ever have a question or concern, Simplilearn’s customer support staff ensures I have all the information I need.

Simplilearn has pushed me to want to keep learning and progress in data analysis. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be where I am today just by taking this course. I am truly grateful for Simplilearn for changing my life. 

Setting goals for freelancing and teaching

Eventually, I want to be a beast at machine learning and Python. I would enjoy working as a freelance contractor and making models for different companies. I also want to teach machine learning and Python to others just like my instructors at Simplilearn did. 

I also want to explore the data field. I want a better grasp of the data science field, so I’m anxious to explore that.

Words to the Wise

My one nugget of advice is to not stop. If you put in the work, you will get the reward. Hit your problems straight on and don’t give up. People need to educate themselves because learning is where the money is. 

Technology and the market is constantly changing so you need to constantly update your skill sets. Don’t give up, believe in yourself and try your hardest.

I love having the problems that I have now compared to the problems I had before. You have to work hard, think about your future and put yourself out there.