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Ride the Wave of the Future by Upskilling in AI

DeAngelo Kelly

DeAngelo Kelly

18+ years

Director of Marketing and Media

Director of Marketing and Media

Music-Sports League

Sr Engineering Technican LVL 3

Sr Engineering Technican LVL 3

Lam Research

As documented by DeAngelo Kelly

I am a tech enthusiast passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. With more than a decade’s experience in the tech industry, I have worked with several companies throughout my professional journey. Currently, I’m serving as Lam Research’s senior engineering technician LVL 3/R&D/safety ambassador chairman. I wanted to educate myself and contribute to my company’s newer demands, so I decided to upskill by enrolling in Simplilearn’s Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program

Thanks to Simplilearn’s flexible learning model, I completed the course successfully. The Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program made me more confident, and I have been able to apply all of the learnings to my work. The knowledge I gained from this course prompted me to volunteer for new projects at my company. I enjoyed learning with Simplilearn, and I have also recommended Simplilearn to my friends. My performance has improved, and I received recognition for new AI projects at my company. I also gained a 39 percent salary increase. In addition, I have volunteered at an education camp to help kids build robots. It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to improve my contributions to my job and my community. 

I don’t believe in compromising my aspirations and that one must keep working hard toward achieving their goals. 

Managing Time for Study

I knew it would be a challenge to manage work and learning. The flexible learning method helped me cope with my job simultaneously while studying. I took night shifts, worked out early in the morning, and studied. It was: go to work, go to the gym, and then study. I keep telling my friends and colleagues to take courses of their interest from Simplilearn. Simplilearn has been a game-changer; it has added a lot of perspective to my understanding of AI.

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Improving My Skill Set 

When working in corporate America, you need to upskill and improve your skill set. The company I’m currently working with is moving towards AI, and I felt that if I gained additional knowledge about the field, I could make more meaningful contributions. I was interested in educating myself, and coding is another interest. I have always worked in the tech field, primarily in robotics. I am a respectful, hard-working professional with exemplary team management, communication, and critical thinking skills. I am an avid AI enthusiast and am very passionate about it. One of my first jobs was as a nuclear union journeyman at multiple companies. I have pursued other jobs, such as nuclear robotics field service tech/eddy current tech at Westinghouse Electric Company. I also worked as an artificial intelligence engineer at Mentor$chip. 

Pursuing Long-Term Goals

 Ultimately, I want to teach people AI, ML, and other related skills, and I feel a lot of people are unaware of them and need to be educated. I believe that one day, I will have my own company in the AI and Robotics domain. With my current knowledge and passion for AI, I don’t think I’m too far from this goal.