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Applying Big Data Skills to Grow My Business and Career

Jorge Mario Guzman Olaya

Jorge Mario Guzman Olaya

19+ years

Program and Channel Partner Manager

Program and Channel Partner Manager

Smiths Detection

Senior Instructor

Senior Instructor

British Digital LLC

As documented by Jorge Mario Guzmán Olaya

I have over 20 years of experience in data management. I first came across Simplilearn’s courses during the pandemic when I wanted to know more about the tech domain and take advantage of the data science boom.

At that time, I was working with Smith’s Detection as a program and channel partner manager. My job was to recruit and maintain relationships with channel partners and to design commercial strategies. While studying channel partners, I handled a lot of data and wanted to find an effective way to streamline my work. Simplilearn’s Big Data Hadoop & Spark Developer online course helped me accomplish that. 

Upskilling is Part of Career Growth

I started upskilling myself 11 years ago and have continually applied the new skills and knowledge acquired to the job. I believe upskilling is necessary to thrive and grow in one’s career. 

I have taken several other courses with Simplilearn, such as Data Science with Python, Data Science with R, ITIL 4, Tableau, and Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning. My LinkedIn profile gets views, and interviewers are impressed with my resume wherever I apply. Six months after completing Simplilearn’s Big Data Hadoop & Spark Developer in October 2021, I started working as a partner manager with Simetrik, a Colombia-based FinTech start-up.

Applying New Skills

I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained from Simplilearn’s Big Data course at my current job. As a partner manager, I help provide my company with the vision to grow outside the commercial space by recruiting partners in Latin America. This recruiting process requires a lot of data analysis, and I have to see how many companies are willing to become partners and review their numbers. Once I finish recruiting, I will be working to grow the partnership, including working on a lot of data. 

After I took Simplilearn’s Big Data course, I was able to solve a problem for my previous company. We were unsure how to evaluate the performance of channel partners on a year-on-year basis. We had sales data, but it was not a complete picture of the channel partners’ performance.

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I took the data and organized it in a format that revealed more about our channel partners. I showed my company how the channel partners were evolving on a year-on-year basis in terms of performance and customer satisfaction. I wouldn’t have been able to produce this work without the tools I learned in Simplilearn’s Big Data course.

The Simplilearn Difference

Simplilearn’s courses are comprehensive. I usually study independently, but I did not have time to prepare a curriculum for myself. I thought Simplilearn offered a complete package and its videos are amazing. The live classes were invaluable, and the instructors shared their professional and practical knowledge. Also, some courses offer a lab environment, which is helpful.

Looking Forward

I am passionate about learning and want to take several more courses to increase my knowledge in different areas. I plan to start a consultancy firm, which I think I will accomplish if I keep upskilling.

Was I skeptical before joining Simplilearn’s program?

I have been working in data management for over 20 years. I’m a self-starter and 11 years ago I started on this path and continually looked forward to adding new skills and knowledge to my portfolio. In this process, I have taken several courses with Simplilearn, including the Data Science with R Certification Course. I was sure that Simplilearn’s Big Data course would help me contribute significantly to the company’s growth. There are certain Simplilearn complaints circulating online, but I feel these can be overruled.

Simplilearn’s master’s program interests me, but my question is…

I recently saw a Simplilearn complaint circulation regarding Simplilearn master’s program on the internet. However, if you want to upskill and grow in your career, these reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt. I was passionate about learning and wanted to take several more courses to increase my knowledge in different areas and develop my skill sets that would help my career get the necessary boost. Simplilearn’s courses helped me to do so. After I took Simplilearn’s Big Data course, I solved a problem for my previous company. I am sure that with  the master’s degree, I will be able to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.