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A Cyber Security and PMP Success Story

 Sal Celly

Sal Celly

20+ years

Solutions Director

Solutions Director

Dell Technologies

Technology & Services Sales Leader

Technology & Services Sales Leader

Dell Technologies

With everything being on the cloud these days, cyber security has become a promising field for creating your career. This coupled with the fact that cyber security is a great interest of mine, I was propelled to build a career in cyber security.

I had over 20 years of experience in the technology industry and was working at Dell Technologies as a client solutions director. Working with multiple clients, the one common trend I saw was the growing need for cyber security along with its infrastructure, which created the need for well-versed subject matter experts like me.

The Plan for Moving Forward

I started my journey with Simplilearn in 2019, when I completed a course in Project Management. Like many other students, I was also looking for options to supplement my current practical knowledge with a technical education.

I chose this program which offered modules from MIT, and since I had already taken some previous courses through Simplilearn, I was confident of the quality of content and teaching experience.

Project management skills were important for me to navigate the world of cyber security with more confidence, such as managing the scope and budget for projects, assessing risks, and managing projects day to day.

To become a more valuable resource, I also took Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security, and the Project Management Professional (PMP®) course to help gain both theoretical and practical knowledge to better guide my clients.

Cyber Security in the Real World

In my opinion, a successful cyber security course is one that starts with the basics of security and helps learners prepare for the real world and also enhance their career prospects. This is why Simplilearn’s Bootcamps were perfect for me to grow further in cyber security and my career.

In the past, I had been highly dependent on other experts to provide guidance in the field of cyber security. However, with the completion of my Cyber Security certification from Simplilearn, I can now provide the right solutions directly to my clients. Not only do I have theoretical knowledge but also pragmatic knowledge, allowing me to ask pertinent questions and have intelligent conversations about product safety and effectiveness. My multi-faceted approach now merges hardware, software, and services into a single comprehensive solution.

Career Development

After finishing the program, I was confident that I was prepared to make the move into leadership positions. The cyber security industry is a growing field and the certification allowed me to differentiate myself and become more specialized. It will also enabled me to grow within my current organization with Dell and take on more responsibility over time.

My learning experience with Simplilearn has been great. The content is relevant and the delivery is high-quality. Instructors combine theory with real-world examples that challenge the learner’s understanding. The online learning platform is convenient and offers value-added features, such as students retaining access to the online recordings for future reference.

Students can be assured of the quality of content and the associated materials, allowing them to:

  • Design systems that secure devices, applications, and networks
  • Build a “hacker mindset” and defend against future attacks
  • Construct and manage the overall security posture of an organization
  • Understand the importance of policies and compliance mandates

In my opinion, this course offers great value for the money. I am confident to continue my journey into leadership.

PMP® Plus Master’s Program
Get hands on with industry specific Real life projects

A Word From Simplilearn On Cyber Security

It’s a common theme for companies these days — increasingly massive amounts of data are being stored and protected in on-premise data centers or in the cloud. However, the more data that you access from more remote locations — the greater your risk of cyberattacks, data breaches, and other malicious threats. Today’s cyber security professionals face these and many other growing challenges to their computer systems, networks, and edge devices, and they must be fully educated on how to find solutions they can apply on the job.

From securing data to anticipating cyberattacks and placing enterprise-wide safeguards to prevent them, employers around the world are increasingly looking for qualified cybersecurity professionals to join their organizations. Individuals with the right training can establish themselves as in-demand experts. Cyber security certifications are one of the most sought-after credentials in today’s burgeoning tech world. Professionals are seeking courses in huge numbers because it is one of the fastest-growing fields today.

With cyberattacks growing at an alarming rate and large companies, as well as startups, falling victim, organizations have realized the need for skilled cyber security experts and are ready to pay higher salaries to the right candidates. The ongoing skills gap in this field is being addressed by comprehensive courses on cyber security that make learners job-ready on day one.

When it comes to career advancement and personal growth, there is no time like the present to take action. Find your passion and obtain the skills you need to make a change in your professional and personal life with Simplilearn. From data science and project management to  cyber security and digital marketing, Simplilearn offers pathways to learn and grow.

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