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The First Step to my Dream Job

Amit Kumar Das

Amit Kumar Das

7+ years

Information Technology Analyst

Information Technology Analyst

Tata Consultancy Services

Technical Consulting Engineer

Technical Consulting Engineer


As documented by Amit Kumar Das

I am a keen learner and am passionate about exploring new skills to add to my skill set. My goal in life has always been to perform my best in every aspect. I want to expand my skill set and learn new techniques to achieve my long-term goals. A huge thanks to Simplilearn; they helped me land my desired job and climb the ladder in Cybersecurity.

The Journey 

I joined the engineering industry right after college. After completing my engineering degree, I got a campus placement in TCS. I was initially working for the monitoring team at TCS, but later on, after a lot of hard work, I landed myself in the L2 team. Then, I transitioned into the email sec team with my skills for keen details. My team lead and the team members were great, and I learned a lot from them. I am currently working as a Technical Consulting Engineer at CISCO. 

The Challenge 

I started my career in the corporate industry right after my graduation. I got a good job at TCS and worked there for 7+ years. I wanted to switch my job to explore new areas of technology. I tried to grasp as many skills and learn as much as possible from my job, but that was not enough. When I tried to go for interviews, I was failing to get a job because I didn’t have a complete skill set. I was disheartened by my rejections. I decided to learn from the failures and started to note down the types of questions asked in the interviews and get an idea of what was lacking in my skill set. 

After analysing the questions and the skills required, I explored ways to enhance my skill set and get my desired job. I came to the conclusion that I need to expand my domain and add cyber security as a skill if I want to get my dream job and become a CISO. From entering the industry as an IT Analyst to becoming a Technical Consulting Engineer, it has been a great journey with learning and great experiences. 

Simplilearn Solution

After getting an idea about the skills, I need to add to my skill set. I did thorough research for online courses through which I can get the right guidance and practical knowledge for my career. I was looking for a program that was affordable and elaborate for learning cyber security when I came around Simplilearn. I contacted Simplilearn customer care, learned about the Advanced Executive Program in Cyber Security, IIIT-B course, and decided to opt for this course.  

The design of Simplilearn’s Advanced Executive Program in Cyber Security, IIIT-B, was very elaborate and included various hands-on practicals. The course included a certificate from IIIT-Bangalore and had a job-assist program at the end included a certificate from IIIT-Bangalore and had a job-assist program after completion. The faculty members were industry experts and kept every student involved in the sessions. The course also included a lot of Q&As and doubt-clearing sessions. This course is best for people who are new to the field of Cyber Security. 

Advanced Executive Program In Cybersecurity
Masterclasses from top faculty of IIIT Bangalore

The Impact 

The rejections from the interviews were a low point in my life. But, I decided to take full advantage of this situation in life and enhance my skills to fulfil my skills. When I decided to start a new career, Simplilearn’s effective course solved all my problems. The course is not only about the basics of cyber security but also teaches its complex concepts. 

The course was taught by the best in the industry. The experts’ experiences helped me to understand difficult topics with ease. The faculties also made sure that I was well-prepared for my job role. I am glad that I chose Simplilearn and this course to start a career in Cyber Security. I started the course in January and was able to get a job with a 300% hike in salary in April itself. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

To start a great career in Cyber Security, Simplilearn has designed the Advanced Executive Program in Cyber Security, IIIT-B, in collaboration with NPCI and IIIT Bangalore experts. The course is created to help you learn the essential concepts of cyber security. The course provides a virtual internship and also provides resume mentorship.

Skills Covered

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Threat Hunting
  • Ransomware Analysis
  • Application Security
  • Defensive Cybersecurity
  • Cryptography
  • Enterprise Security

At the end of the course, the student will be well-versed with in-depth knowledge of cyber security and have practical experience too.