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Got a New Job With a 35% Salary Hike!

Ammar Abdalla Ahmed

Ammar Abdalla Ahmed

9+ years

Support Executive Engineer

Support Executive Engineer


Senior Executive Support Specialist

Senior Executive Support Specialist


As documented by Ammar Abdalla Ahmed

Intending to change career paths, I pursued the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing from Simplilearn. Apart from upskilling, I landed a new job at Sempra with a 35% salary hike!

My Career Journey So Far

Twelve years ago, I moved to the US from Sudan. With over 13 years of enterprise experience as an IT business professional, I have learned and mastered most branches of the IT category. I went from Web Design to Security Systems, then to Network Support. I have tried my hands on Project Management and finally landed as an IT lead at one of the most prestigious companies in the US. I currently work as a Senior Executive Specialist at Sempra and love my job. The course I pursued from Simplilearn contributed quite significantly to my professional journey and helped me land my current job.  

The Challenge

I had been looking for opportunities to change my career path. I wanted to do something more challenging, rewarding, and fun. Thus, I decided to upskill myself with this course and successfully transitioned to a new job. 

I have already started the process of building my own IT service company. My long-term career goal is to be an entrepreneur and focus on providing remote and onsite IT resources in North America. 

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Master sessions and Ask Me Anything sessions by Meta Blueprint Trainer

The Simplilearn Solution

After exploring a lot of digital marketing courses online, I chose the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing from Simplilearn. The course was extremely comprehensive, and I appreciate all of its features. The one I liked the most was the ability to learn on my own schedule. The flexibility that Simplilearn offers is tremendous and helped me study consistently without compromising my other commitments.  

The Simplilearn Impact

After completing this course and gaining practical experience, I landed a new job and a 35% salary hike. I am truly grateful to Simplilearn for helping me advance my career. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing is designed for professionals who want to pursue a Digital Marketing career, understand the principles, and acquire hands-on experience, as well as experienced marketers who want to upskill and study the latest Digital Marketing techniques. This online marketing course features Masterclasses from Meta and Purdue to train you with the best digital marketing tools. Case studies from Harvard Business and Google and Facebook projects provide real-world experience.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing