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How Simplilearn Helped me Gain Expertise in my New Found Interest

Rimaz Rauf

Rimaz Rauf

13+ years

Web Engineer and SEO Executive

Web Engineer and SEO Executive

Fitness First Middle East

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Sanctum Global Ventures

As documented by Rimaz Rauf

I loved working as a software developer. However, I always felt that my corporate position was holding my growth prospects. Additionally, my interests kept encouraging me to learn more about digital marketing. For this, I enrolled for PGP in digital marketing with Purdue University from Simplilearn, which turned out to be one of my best professional decisions.

My Journey

In 2015 I moved from Sri Lanka to Dubai in search of better job opportunities. Here I got an offer from one of the leading UAE companies named Landmark Group. As I had prior experience in working with programming languages like web2, mobile, etc., I started working as a web developer. Here I also got the chance to understand the basics of digital marketing, which seemed interesting to me. Eventually, I decided to explore this sector through the best professional courses that were available to me.

My Challenges

As a software developer, I was earning good money, but I wanted to change my domain to digital marketing. The primary reason for this was the fact that digital marketing included everything that was relevant to my hobbies, which included photography, videography, and content creation.

For this, I started reading books and took online video tutorials to understand more about this sector. In Dec 2018, I decided to shift to Digital Marketing. As I had no experience in this domain, I needed academic qualifications from the best institutes. 

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate Exam Voucher worth USD $99

Simplilearn Solution

In 2020 when the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, I began my search for courses in Digital Marketing. After knowing about courses offered by Simplilearn, I decided to pursue a course that was offered in association with Purdue University. After taking a look at the reviews and comparing the prices of various online learning platforms, I was certain about joining Simplilearn.

My Experience with Simplilearn

In one word, my experience here was simply awesome. All the features, like the user-friendly website interface, good account manager, informative modules, and pre-recorded lectures, helped me gain knowledge efficiently. 

In the last stage of the course, I informed my seniors at Landmark Group about this course, and they offered me the DM manager position. I happily accepted this position and worked here for two years. Further, in 2022 I got an offer for the position of Digital Marketing Manager from a start-up company in Dubai. Here I got a 100% hike on my previous salary. I felt it was the best transition for me. And all this was possible only because I successfully completed the course at Simplilearn. 

A Word From Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s PGP in Digital marketing is designed to help professionals understand various marketing tools and how to work with them. This course also offers masterclass from top universities like Harvard and Purdue that helps them understand Digital marketing through various case studies.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing