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Staying Ahead of Change with Online Training

Alessandro Pistillo

Alessandro Pistillo

21+ years

Director, Digital Strategic Projects

Director, Digital Strategic Projects


Director, Digital Strategic Projects

Director, Digital Strategic Projects


As documented by Alessandro Pistillo

I live in Frankfurt, Germany, and for the past 22 years, I have been working for BASF, a large chemical production company. I am currently the director of digital strategy after working in many different roles. I have been a part of BASF’s business development team, strategy team, sales team, engineering team, and commercial leadership. While the company has a business-to-business orientation, there is a greater emphasis on inbound digital marketing strategies. Because I only had a rudimentary knowledge of digital marketing, I knew there was a gap in my skillset I needed to address. After researching my educational options, I enrolled in the online Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing course from Simplilearn. 

So far, my learning experience with Simplilearn has been rewarding. While I haven’t completed the entire course, I have derived a lot of value, which has increased my confidence.  

Keeping Up with Change

I firmly believe that people should keep learning at every stage of their profession because the world is changing as fast as ever, especially for those at managerial and leadership levels. For example, I faced digital marketing-related challenges over the past few years. Because my educational background consisted of classical marketing, I knew I needed to upskill my talents.

Before choosing Simplilearn, I researched and even started taking a course on a competitor’s website; but I wasn’t satisfied. I found that Simplilearn had a superior offering content-wise, and the cost was very affordable. 

Simplilearn has been an enriching experience, I think online classes offer a good value, and the flexibility of learning on your own time is a cherry on top of the cake. There was a good balance between practical and theoretical learning and a good interaction level between learners and instructors. The self-learning modules are precious, and I refer to them regularly.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty

Simplilearn’s Flexibility Helps Working Professionals  

During the pandemic, it was not possible to go into the classroom, so I got interested in learning online. Simplilearn provides a lot of time flexibility, which is just what I needed due to my job demands. I have completed most of the modules and intend to complete the course

Gaining Greater Confidence with Training

Training with Simplilearn has given me more confidence in my role. The information I’ve learned in this course has improved my ability to guide my team, I can better relate to others in the same field, and it has added value to my role as a director of digital strategy.