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Upskilling to Help Create a More Equitable and Sustainable World

Li Lian L.

Li Lian L.

11+ years

Director of Investments, People & Culture

Director of Investments, People & Culture

Ormond Group

Director of Investments, People & Culture

Director of Investments, People & Culture


My Entrepreneurial Background

As documented by Lim Li Lian

I founded the Brunch Club in Hong Kong and am currently the co-founder of Amplifire Games and the founder of Mandarin Pie. I am an entrepreneur and advocate for a better form of capitalism. I started my first business at 26 and with the team and grew it to a 7-figure, multiple award-winning enterprise in the space of a few years while holding fast to our commitment to fair trade practices. In 2015, together with a team of animal welfare organizations, we successfully launched a nationwide PR and advocacy campaign in response to the rabies outbreak in Northern Malaysia. Our efforts culminated in an MOU with the government that influenced its policy and approach toward animal welfare. Aside from my work and professional and goals, I have dived in the Pacific, worked in a French bakery, skied the Alps, smoked a cigar in Havana, and trekked the Himalayas.

Simplilearn Stood Out for Many Reasons

Simplilearn featured excellent lectures with good breadth and depth. There was also one excellent teaching faculty member who really stood out. On top of all that, they have a fantastic customer care and support team. I took the Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing, with Purdue University and Simplilearn, and have seen an increased return on investment (ROI) on our ad spending — and a more significant presence in social media.

I wanted to improve my business’ digital media strategy performance. Simplilearn offers a great series of benefits, including a comprehensive curriculum, blended learning (live classes combined with self-paced learning), industry experts instructors, the ability to have a flexible schedule, hands-on experience with their practice labs, and of course, 24×7 learning support!

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Industry projects from 5 domains and 14+ course-end projects

Using My Skills to Make the World a Better Place for All

My mission is to advocate for “Conscious Capitalism” by building stakeholder enterprises together with the youth of today. Today the world is facing an existential crisis — and how we live, consume, and produce needs to change. I want to call all citizens of Planet Earth and together make this world a better place. Upskilling is a great way to make that happen!