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A PMP® Certification is Something You Can Take With You

Picture of Darwin Li

Darwin Li

24+ years

Picture of IT Team Lead

IT Team Lead

Edmonton Police Service

Picture of IT Program Manager

IT Program Manager

City of Edmonton

As documented by Darwin Li

I’ve learned that no matter what a person’s profession, earning a PMP® Certification from Simplilearn furnishes a project management professional with the organizational strategies needed for success. 

Ten years ago, I stepped into an IT leadership role as a program manager with the Canadian Police Department in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The one stipulation for this promotion was that I attain a PMP certification. The job had a lot of responsibilities, including managing our 911 system.

I had a short timeframe to get certified and started using a different online learning company. My experience with that other firm was awful, and I couldn’t get through a single unit without issues. Finally, I found Simplilearn’s PMP Certification Training Course, which helped me tremendously.

The skills I acquired from Simplilearn’s course have proven to be a great help because I learned how to streamline processes after completing the course. After completing the course, I was able to understand the status of projects clearly, and I was also able to make recommendations much more quickly, which my peers were unable to do.  

I chose to retire early from the police department, and I now teach people how to find early financial freedom and create generational wealth. The knowledge I  acquired from Simplilearn is helping a lot in my new venture. I am planning a conference this year, and the project management skills I gained will come into play.

It’s Never too Late to Upskill

I have 20 years of database experience and a bachelor’s degree in co-op electrical engineering from the University of Alberta. When I moved into leadership about 10 years ago, the other employees looked to me to provide project direction. This was when my experience with Simplilearn proved to be invaluable. I have worked on projects my entire career, but the skills I acquired while taking Simplilearn’s PMP Certification course gave me the talent to help the project managers who reported to me or worked with me. I could also uncover potential issues if employees tried to slide things past me. 

Simplilearn’s course was exactly what I needed: it was comprehensive, well laid out, and well-structured. The trainers were excellent, and the study notes were outstanding. Of all the course features offered by Simplilearn, I think the study guides helped me the most.

PMP® Plus Master’s Program
Get hands on with industry specific projects

Upskilling Can Help Your Career 

After completing Simplilearn’s course and receiving my PMP certification, I earned my promotion. At work, there was one project where we faced many issues, and I could come in and streamline things using what I learned in the course. My predecessor did not have a project management background, so when I started working on the project, I asked questions based on my training, and I could tell where the issues lay.  

Flexibility Works to Your Advantage

Because I was under time pressure to complete the course, Simplilearn’s flexibility allowed me to study on the weekends, in the evenings, at lunchtime, while traveling — whenever I could find the time outside of working hours.

Take Responsibility for Your Upskilling

The workplace is more competitive nowadays, and everyone must find a way to differentiate themselves. I have a phrase: “On your time, on your dime.” Although organizations should pay for your skills, it’s your job to keep upskilling yourself on your time and your dime.