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Upskilling to Project Management Success

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Cesar Amaro

12+ years

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CSI Project Manager


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Senior Project Manager


As documented by Cesar Amaro

Project management is a process that savvy business professionals use to achieve goals by effectively organizing and managing necessary resources. A project manager needs the proper training, experience, and leadership skills to drive this process successfully.

Although I was already working as a project manager, I enrolled in Simplilearn’s PMI-RMP® certification training program to take my career to the next level and gain further expertise.

I am a native of Venezuela who worked as a PMO process manager with Smartmatic in Panama City. I have 12 years of project management experience in the telecommunication industry, building and implementing electronic voting systems worldwide. However, I’m not one to coast along doing the same routine. I know that the world is competitive, and to remain valuable, I need to grow my skill set. I realized that constant learning is the only way.

Remote Learning Made Easy

Despite my eagerness to begin formal project management training, going to a physical classroom wasn’t feasible nor desired. After finding Simplilearn online and discussing it with friends and colleagues, I enrolled in the PMI-RMP® Certification course.

With my experience, I was a perfect candidate for Simplilearn’s PMI-RMP certification program, which has a prerequisite of 3,000 hours of risk management experience in the past five years and 30 hours of project management education for applicants with a college degree.

The curriculum structure and the content of Simplilearn’s courses are amazing. Through Simplilearn, I have learned skills to help me handle and supervise projects. I learned to use methodologies to predict the consequences of taking actions and averting risks by evaluating future situations.

PMP® Plus Master’s Program
Get hands on with industry specific projects

A Certified Success

According to Simplilearn, there are only 4,000 PMI-RMP® certification holders worldwide, which bodes well for course graduates seeking a promotion or new position. The certifications helped me get ahead in my career, and the acquired skill sets opened a plethora of opportunities for me.

In addition, I am a prepared and focused professional. I am disciplined, and my success habits include staying committed to constant learning about my profession and related topics. I believe that growth happens when you are ready to take on new challenges and prepare yourself for finding a way out of and winning over those challenges.

Despite my work and family commitments, I set aside some time to keep upgrading my skills. Currently, I am taking Simplilearn’s Agile Scrum Master Certification Training course. Upskilling is a way of life today. Living in a competitive world, it is important to improve yourself and stay on track constantly.

I also have a strong desire to take my message on the road to conferences and inspire others. I want to transfer my knowledge and experience to the other professionals in this field. I’d like to share a message with all the project management professionals that they must have a vision for their career and constantly work towards upgrading their knowledge. They can win every project if they apply the concepts with the right approach.