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Lean Six Sigma Certification Leads to Greater Career Opportunity

Maria Camila I.

Maria Camila I.

5+ years

 R&D Chemical Engineer

R&D Chemical Engineer

Sugaright (Division of CSC Sugar)

Chemical Engineer Demi Grand

Chemical Engineer Demi Grand


As documented by Maria Camila Iacono

Losing my job in 2020 allowed me to consider and redirect my career. Sure, the pandemic was a factor, but there were personal reasons for leaving as well. While working as a research and development chemical engineer with Sugaright, I realized I lacked certain skills that would be useful in my field, namely Lean Six Sigma, which is used extensively in production, research, and innovation.

I am skilled as a multilingual chemist with professional experience with palm oil biofuels and liquid sugar. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and chemistry from the University of Minnesota. After departing Sugaright in August 2020, I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course. The course teaches project leadership techniques and how to interpret data using risk management, process mapping, and benchmark setting. 

My experience was amazing. After receiving my certification from Simplilearn in Lean Management, I was awarded a new job with a major cosmetics company in January 2021, with a 20 percent salary increase. I have also been able to solve problems at work with the help of the skills I acquired during my course. Specifically, because so many products are coming in, we had issues with space management. I learned the 5s methodology during the course, based on a Japanese method of organizing, cleaning, developing, and sustaining a productive work environment. I applied 5s to our product space problem and managed the whole process. 

Seeking larger opportunities

I realized I needed to upskill while working as a processing engineer at Sugaright. I wanted to learn Lean Six Sigma , which is very useful and has become necessary to prosper in my field. It is something that we chemical engineers use for quality control and management. I wanted a Lean Six Sigma certification on my resume since I was also looking for a better position in a larger city. My previous job was in Philadelphia, but New York is a hub of opportunities, and I wanted to shift my focus there. Once I left my job at Sugaright, I had time to upskill. 

Professional Certificate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management
Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty

The Simplilearn advantage

Since we were in the middle of a pandemic, I couldn’t take any offline courses and looked for an online course instead. I found that Simplilearn has many live classes and self-learning videos, which were helpful for me. Also, the self-learning videos allowed me to learn at my own pace, which I wanted to do. I had a wonderful experience with Simplilearn. We had MS Excel classes towards the end, which was helpful since we use it a lot at work. I could see how worksheets and projects are used in a natural work environment.

How certification boosts your value

After receiving Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in December 2020, a major cosmetics company hired me as a chemical engineer and gave me a 20 percent raise in my salary. I have been able to apply my knowledge to my job very well. Our company constantly has new products, and the production process is long, with quality control steps in between. I am in the company’s research, development, and innovation wing, where Lean Six Sigma is very helpful. 

There were a lot of doubts about the Simplilearn fraud course complaints. How did you resolve these?

I work as a research and development chemical engineer. When I lost my job, I realized I needed to gain knowledge about Lean Six Sigma and wanted a certification for that on my resume. But since the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course provided by Simplilearn is online, I would like to know how seamless it would be for me to grasp and understand the concept. I prefer to avoid online course modules where in you are supposed to learn at your own pace. Additionally, there was a tsunami of Simplilearn fraud negative reviews being flooded on platforms like Facebook. However, I did my research and ended up purchasing the course with Simplilearn. Fast-forward to today, I can say that my experience with Simplilearn was amazing. Learned the 5s methodology during the course and applied it to our product space problem. So to address doubts about Simplilearn fraud cases, I would go by experience and respond that it’s completely baseless.

My colleagues would benefit from Simplilearn’s courses. Do I recommend them?

Absolutely! I think that post the COVID-19 pandemic; the job market has become very competitive. We must constantly upskill to be the best in the lot. I had a wonderful experience with Simplilearn. Since most of the courses offered by Simplilearn are online, one can enroll from any corner of the globe. I also noticed that Simplilearn has many live classes and self-learning videos that can be learned at one’s own pace.  Simplilearn customer service is also great and addresses Simpilearn fraud related queries promptly, if any.

Certification courses help you attain the knowledge required to solve practical problems. Companies are constantly launching new products, and Simpliearn’s various courses adapt to the changes to offer the best upskilling experiences. The course I enrolled in was aligned with the current industry standards and market trends.