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Six Sigma Green Belt – The Best Decision for My Career

Anjali Jain Dhir

Anjali Jain Dhir

6+ years

Customer Care Representative

Customer Care Representative

American Express

Client Success Specialist

Client Success Specialist


As documented by Anjali Dhir

I am Anjali Dhir from Delhi, India. Being a customer service representative in American Express for most of my career, I had a curiosity about how things worked in the background. This inquisitiveness often made me question people involved in developing the technical side of our work. Over the years, I efficiently led many projects around automation and innovation and proved my mettle. One of my managers told me to go for a Lean Six Sigma Certification so that I could officially develop my skill around it and change my field altogether.

Preparing for the Certification With Simplilearn

It was a truly rewarding experience. When I was looking for Lean Six Sigma preparation courses, I came across Simplilearn. It was during my research that I found multiple positive Simplilearn reviews, and when I saw the course, I knew this was it. The course was really comprehensive and was offering so many things at a low price. It was both useful and flexible at the same time. The combination of live classes and self-learning videos was bliss as I could use my free time to study rather than compromising on my work hours.

The Impact

I completed the course and bagged the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The Green belt with Simplilearn has been the best decision ever. I got a switch on completing the certification and a 60% salary hike in my new position as a Client Success Specialist at Gartner. Presently, I am working in a position that gives me exposure to both my previous field, allowing me to take up projects alongside. It’s a delight to follow my passion, interest, and responsibilities at the same time.

Professional Certificate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management
14 real-word projects and industry-focused capstone

The certification is another feather in my cap, but the practices and principles learnt have helped me in my career and are sure to enhance my efficiency and help me drive more business in the near future. 

I strongly recommend this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course to all those who wish to expand their skill set. Each session’s culmination will allow you to apply some piece of what you learned to your job. Everything I do now is preceded by rationally thinking about how to increase value while eradicating inefficiencies along the way. Doing more in less time has certainly made work fun and less stressful now.