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First Step Towards My Dream of Becoming an Electrical Engineer

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1+ years

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Embedded Software Engineer


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Autosar Engineer

Bosch India

As documented by Farzhana

Learning new technologies was the only way I could achieve my goal of becoming an electronics engineer. Thanks to Simplilearn, I was able to start on the path to making my dream come true. Joining Simplilearn was the turning point in my career in electrical engineering and related fields. 

The Journey

I was passionate about electronics engineering and wanted to work in the embedded field. So, in 2016, I started my career as a trainee for an internship at Keltron Controls Aor. Further, in 2021, I was hired as an embedded engineer by Aester India Pvt Ltd. 

To upskill myself, I joined the Automation Testing Masters Program with Simplilearn. After completing the course, I landed a job as an Autosar Engineer at Xpheno. Here I got an 80% salary increment over my previous role.

The Challenge

Although I loved working as an embedded engineer at Aester India Pvt Ltd, I wanted to add skills to my profile. This was the only way to get a high-paying and satisfying job role. So, I decided to upgrade my skills and knowledge to explore new job opportunities. To get a professional certificate, which represented my expertise and helped me advance my engineering career and improve my pre-existing knowledge, I decided to join the Simplilearn master’s program for Automation Testing.

Simplilearn Solution

I found Simplilearn online and enrolled myself in the Automation Testing Masters Program. It was one of my best choices to enrol in this excellent course. I learned a lot and found it much easier because the instructors were experts in their fields. Learning was simple, and every concept was clearly explained, making it more engaging and enjoyable. 

Full Stack Developer – MERN Stack
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The Impact

With Simplilearn, I had an excellent learning experience. It helped me gain confidence and significantly improved my professional skills. Earlier I worked as an embedded engineer for 1.5, but after completing my Masters’ Program in Automation Testing with Simplilearn, I joined Xpheno as an Autosar Engineer. My salary also increased by 80%.

Choosing this course was one of the best decisions for me. The results of this course exceeded my expectations, and I accomplished far more than I anticipated. I thank Simplilearn for giving me such a wonderful educational experience, which I will cherish for life. Additionally, the experts made the learning process much easier by using outstanding teaching strategies. Now I feel very enthusiastic about achieving greater heights. 

A Word From Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s Automation Testing Training Course is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of software testing technologies such as Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber, and Docker to help you build a strong testing framework.

Simplilearn’s Automation Testing course provides hands-on training in software testing, allowing you to upgrade your skills while learning quality assurance technology and landing the job of your dreams.  

Skills Covered

  • Core Java
  •  Agile
  • HTML
  •  CSS
  • AWS
  • JavaScript
  • JDBC
  • TDD

By the end of this six-month in-depth Automation Testing Training Program, you will make significant progress in understanding the subject, serving as an advantage over your peers and helping you to live your passion with unbelievable confidence and zeal.