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From Professor to IT Professional by Upskilling with Simplilearn

Roshan Kumar Bisoi

Roshan Kumar Bisoi

4+ years

Professor Of Physics

Professor Of Physics

Private Tutoring

Junior Software Developer

Junior Software Developer

Novatech Software Pvt Ltd

As documented by Roshan Kumar Bishnoi

I began my career as a mechanical engineer. A native of Mumbai, I graduated from GV Acharya College in 2018 with a degree in mechanical engineering. From there, I immediately found a position in a mechanical company in the design and production line. The company was in a small industry with few growth opportunities, and my role required that I work on-site and interact with work crews on the site. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the position was not a good fit for me. After three months, I decided to leave that job and started teaching as a physics professor.

During my time teaching physics, I rediscovered my big craze for web development, data science, AI, and machine learning, which I had since my college days. But being a mechanical engineer, it was really difficult for me to get a competitive job in the market. To help break into the field, I took a data science course at an Institute in Mumbai. But the day I completed it, the entire country was in lockdown due to Covid.

Being a fresher in the tech field along with having a mechanical background made it really difficult for me to switch careers in the competitive job market. I decided to take on freelance projects, but that didn’t work for me because I knew this was not the right time and path for actually learning the technology. After all, there is a lot to know about programming, front end, and back end. 

While I was searching for courses to help me change my career path, I found Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer course with a job guarantee program. I instantly enrolled in the course. There were many options for me to choose from, but when you upskill, you invest a lot of time and money. I chose Simplilearn because I’ve been following them for the past two years. It’s already renowned, and it has a brand that you can trust. Also, the course delivery format and job guarantee program made Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer program stand out from the crowd.

Soon after completing the course, I cleared many interviews and decided to join Novatech as a software developer. Not only have I successfully transitioned into a field I enjoy, but I’ve also increased my salary by 107 percent.

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Engage in top notch curriculum, assessments and projects to enhance your skills and profile.

Comprehensive Coursework in a Supportive Environment

The course was excellent and included regular updates on the up-and-coming technologies. The mentors were really nice and very supportive. We had a different mentor for every stage, so they were really good in their subject, and I liked their teaching techniques. The mentors of JAVA fundamentals and Spring Boot were awesome. There were many experienced students in my cohort, but as a fresher, I believe that the course was the complete package for me.

The arrangement of topics was structured and simple to follow. After every stage of the course, we had small quizzes. The quizzes were important to me because they cleared my doubts and helped me to understand better. There was a lot of content to go through, and it was more than enough to crack a job interview. I placed a lot of queries on the support team, and they were always supportive. 

In-demand Skills that Make Changing Careers Easier 

One of the best parts about the Simplilearn Full Stack Java Developer program is that we learned real-world skills that employers want now. Java is the most used language in the back end and development. As part of the coursework, we built applications that could be used in a number of industries, and we also learned how to implement other languages like SQL, and tools like AWS.

Since the classes provided by Simplilearn were very flexible, I was able to focus on my job during the week, and I studied for four hours on weekends. Also, I didn’t have any experience in coding, but this course helped me understand it, which boosted my confidence. I will plan to use all that I’ve learned as the foundation for becoming the best developer I can be, and one day become an entrepreneur.

A Message for Aspiring Professionals

Don’t let fear stop you from upskilling and changing your career. Simplilearn’s programs are a great way to help you move into a career that’s right for you. As a developer, I understand error is part of your life. The challenges you’ll face while learning is like an error in the code. All you have to do is solve, and when you solve more frequently, it becomes your skill that becomes better and stronger with time.