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Pacing Towards My Goal of Becoming the Leading Food Chain Supply Provider in India

Gopinath Jumbalingam

Gopinath Jumbalingam

3+ years

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO


Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO


As documented by Gopinath Jambulingam

Coming from a farmers’ family, I know the daily problems farmers face to get fair prices for their products. My company, Faarm2Plate, is a step in solving those challenges. However, I needed to learn about blockchain technology to improve supply chain management. This is where Simplilearn helped me out!

The Journey

I began my professional journey in 2001 with a small-scale startup and gradually moved towards core telecommunication companies. I later joined TCS. After 8 years of working at TCS, I decided to build my own company. I wanted to bring the market directly to the farmers, and with that aim, Faarm2Plate came into existence in 2019. With more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise Core Telecom technologies and the market, I am currently managing my company as a CEO and building a leading supply chain. 

The Challenge

Farmers often find it difficult to cope with the increasing prices of the mediators. Bringing them directly to the market was necessary, and Faarm2Plate is doing that. However, many of my clients wanted to shift to blockchain technology. 

I knew that a basic knowledge of blockchain technology would not suffice. I needed to learn the basics and technical aspects of blockchain technology and apply its techniques in real life. A professional degree course was the perfect solution for me. 

Professional Certificate Program In Blockchain
Get hands-on experience with a capstone on industry-relevant use cases

Simplilearn Solution

I had to ensure that I enrolled in a practical learning course on blockchain technology, and Simplilearn came to my rescue. Simplilearn’s Postgraduate Certificate Course in Blockchain Technology, in association with IIT Kanpur, offers a learning experience with high engagement. 

The Impact 

With the functional knowledge learned through the course, I could provide what my clients required. I was able to design an immutable supply chain that helped my client streamline their operations. I satisfied my existing clients and got new ones too. Eventually, my earnings grew by 60%. I am also working on a blockchain application of the same name. 

During this course, I got to attend live master classes delivered by the IIT faculty. The course allowed me to work in integrated labs and develop industry-aligned projects. More importantly, I can implement the in-demand blockchain skills in my daily work to achieve better results.

A Word From Simplilearn 

Simplilearn’s Postgraduate Certificate Course in Blockchain Technology helps professionals to build blockchain solutions using the best tools and techniques. The course covers real-world blockchain applications in various domains like Supply Chain Management, Healthcare and Fintech. The capstone projects on industry-relevant use cases further help to practice the skills before implementing them in the professional world.