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How FSD Certification Took Me From Statistics to Software Development

Vittal Naik

Vittal Naik





SFCC Trainee Developer

SFCC Trainee Developer


As documented by Vittal Naik

I’m from the small town of Mahbubnagar in Telangana. I received my BSc in Statistics from Nizam College in Basheerbagh. After graduating, I felt lost in my career path. I wanted to get into the IT/software industry, but knew nothing about coding. I didn’t even know what an html tag was. So I started to research online courses and found Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developmer course. 

Many of my friends and relatives gave good feedback about Simplilearn. I did my research and found that Simplilearn’s course content is designed in a way that is in line with industry standards. The content is up-to-date and designed in a very beginner-friendly manner. So I decided to enroll. 

My Simplilearn experience: During the course and in job placement

The trainers helped me a lot. They were very experienced and answered all of my questions, no matter how small. The online sessions, live classes, self-study materials, and labs all helped me understand the concepts. The projects also gave me hands-on practical experience.

Right after the course, Simplilearn provided me with job assistance and referred me to various companies. I secured five interviews and was offered a job with Live Area. I now work with them as a Salesforce Developer.

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Engage in top notch curriculum, assessments and projects to enhance your skills and profile.

I am thankful to Simplilearn for teaching me up-to-date industry content. The knowledge I gained was very helpful in the technical rounds of my job interviews, as well as in my daily work. The trainers at Simplilearn also helped me improve my corporate communication skills and feel more confident overall. 

My learning experience with Simplilearn has been life-changing. I credit them with helping me begin my career as a software developer. The FSD certification I received continues to be very important for me going forward, as I aspire to work with FANG companies. I will continue upskilling and learning more. 

In conclusion

I would tell aspiring professionals that it’s not true there are no jobs in the market. We just need to have the right skills. Your school or college percentile do not matter as much as the skills you acquire. So, keep upskilling!

My opinion about Simplilearn when I read about them on the internet

Internet reviews were generally good. But negative reviews seem to contradict many of the things people were praising in the positive reviews and testimonial videos. So I felt these simplilearn negative reviews weren’t trustworthy too as they were continuously calling for simplilearn scams in their review. I also went through some of Simplilearn’s free videos and free online content myself to ascertain that the content quality was good. And when I enquired about the program, all my needs were satisfied.

As a prospective student for Simplilearn’s master’s program, my question was…

My doubt was if Simplilearn’s master’s program was recognized by other organizations. But, many companies were ready to hire me, seeing my Simplilearn Certification. The placement success rate was over 96%. So, the course was well respected in the industry, with plenty of placement opportunities.