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My Journey of Upgrading My Software Development Skills

Mayur Kharad

Mayur Kharad

1+ years




Junior Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer

IKS Health

As documented by Mayur Kharad

I was always interested to learn about software development and so I decided to take a course in February 2021. I knew this course would help me find a better position in this sector as, in recent times, the competition in this field has been fierce. Since it was also the time of the pandemic, I thought about working on upgrading my skills. 

The Journey

I finished my graduation in 2020 in Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication) and decided to pursue my interest in software development. I joined the course and hoped for a better learning result as I knew about the rising competition in this field. Once I completed my course, I received a placement at IKS Health, wherein I am currently working as a junior software engineer.

The Challenge

I knew from the beginning that upgrading your skills is very important if you want to get more job opportunities. And as I have always had an interest in this field of software development, I decided to explore it further, realizing the high demand for skilled professionals in the field.  

Simplilearn Solution

It was the time of lockdown when I came across Simplilearn and its courses and decided to enroll. I learned that it is a good platform with skilled instructors and also provides better placements to the people enrolled in their courses. Because of this feature, I thought it would be a great opportunity to upgrade my skill. So I joined the Full Stack Java Development course, which brought along great benefits for me. The course gave me the ultimate boost for my career with career-readiness training. I also learned quite a lot from Virendra sir, who helped me with perfecting my communication skills.  

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Start building your product from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training

The Impact

With the help of this course, I learned and upgraded my skills in software development and also got a better placement in IKS Health as a junior software engineer. It is a great platform for anyone who wants to not only upgrade his skills while learning from the best trainers but also wants placements in good firms.

A Word From Simplilearn

The Full Stack Java Development course provides you with the best opportunity to enhance your skills and prepare yourself for a challenging career ahead. You will learn everything from coding to building applications and lots of other skills.

Skills Covered

  • Spring Boot
  • HTML and CSS
  • Core Java
  • Maven JSP
  • SQL
  • Cucumber

To develop your career as a software developer, Simplilearn brings you the best place to interact and learn from the experts in this field and also with the opportunity to get hired by the best firms and institutes. Enroll in this certification course and upgrade your skills with the help of a detailed yet comprehensive curriculum.