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New Job with a 50% Salary Hike

Dilip Sharma

Dilip Sharma

7+ years

AEM QA and Publisher

AEM QA and Publisher

Accenture Digital

AEM Senior QA & Publisher

AEM Senior QA & Publisher

Luminescent Digital

As documented by Dilip Sharma 

The rising demand for full-stack developers intrigued my interest. An IT background and several years of experience in the industry were all I had to my credit. I pursued the Simplilearn Java Full Stack Developer course intending to change my career domain to a full stack developer. As a result, I landed a new job with a 50% salary increment!

My Career Journey So Far

I completed my graduation and post-graduation from the University of Mumbai. I hold a Master’s degree in M Sc. Information Technology. I currently work as AEM Senior Quality Analysis at Enfuse Solutions Pvt Ltd, and that’s all because I chose to upskill myself from the Full Stack Java Developer course from Simplilearn. 

The Challenge

I wanted to switch my career domain to full stack developer as it is undoubtedly a blooming field with immense job prospects. And to fulfil this goal, I decided to enhance my knowledge and get certified. I came across the Java Full Stack Developer course after reading the great Simplilearn reviews

The Simplilearn Solution

I am a certified Java Stack Developer today, all thanks to Simplilearn. The course was well-structured, with industry-relevant projects at the end of every concept. The top-notch pedagogy of various industry experts helped develop my understanding of the current market trends and tools. The live lectures were quite interactive, and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable in their fields.

Moreover, the blended learning feature, where I could attend both the live and recorded classes, was a boon for working professionals like me. I also liked that the Simplilearn customer support was active 24×7 to solve my queries whenever I needed their guidance. 

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Start building your product from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training

The Simplilearn Impact

The course boosted my knowledge in full stack development from the basic to the advanced level. I was able to secure a job with a 50% increment in my salary. I am successfully implementing the knowledge I gained in my current role, which helps me stand out from my colleagues. My upskilling journey with Simplilearn was quite motivating and fundamental in growing professionally and creating the career path of my dreams.

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Full Stack Java Developer Program is a rigorous boot camp that will boost your career as a Full Stack Developer. This program is designed to equip you with the necessary front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web developer technologies. You will learn to test and deploy code, create an end-to-end application, store data using MongoDB, and much more.

The program comes with a job guarantee that will ensure that you secure a job within 6 months of graduation or receive a 100% refund. Additionally, our career mentoring program provides tailored career guidance from industry experts, resume assistance, and mock interview sessions to help you prepare for technical interviews.