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Restarting Your Career After Family Leave with Simplilearn

Radhika Ghanekar

Radhika Ghanekar

2+ years

Software Developer

Software Developer

JMR Infotech

C1- Software Engineer

C1- Software Engineer


Having a child will change your career in more ways than one. Not only is there the time missed from taking maternity or paternity leave, but industry or technology changes can also put your career behind the curve. Thankfully, I found that Simplilearn’s online bootcamp gave me the tools and education to put my career back on a winning trajectory. 

My name is Radhika Joshi from Madhya Pradesh in Central India. I earned solid education credentials, including a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). After gaining nearly two years of experience working in computer applications, I married in 2017. I shifted to Mumbai and then to Pune to live with my husband.

A year later, I got pregnant and had to leave my job at JMR Infotech. I couldn’t return to work after the delivery because our child was born prematurely. My leave led to a career gap of 3.5 years. When I finally decided to restart my career, once things at home started to settle, I discovered that the industry had transformed. I no longer had the skills needed to compete at the same level. I realized that I had to upskill myself to reenter the job market. In 2021, I began exploring the courses I would need.

During my research, I came across Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer (Job Guarantee Program) and signed up in July 2021. It was ideal because it offered me a job guarantee, which I needed after being away from work. 

The course was beneficial, and the team of professional instructors cleared all of my doubts. Yes, taking the class and caring for our young child was initially tricky, but Simplilearn’s flexibility allowed me to carve out the necessary time to meet both priorities. I studied in the evening on weekdays, and on weekends, I studied in the morning.

Simplilearn provided me with full assistance in my job search after I completed the course. I secured a job with TCS with a 50% salary hike, and I received the designation of C1- Software Engineer — a nice increase in title that reflected my new talents. During my interview at TCS, they asked me questions about Spring Boot framework — an open-source, microservice-based Java web framework. I explained it very well during the interview using my experience in Simplilearn’s course and our capstone project.

The importance of upskilling

When I started applying for the jobs, I realized that there were a lot of changes in my sector. Whereas I had worked with Java only, other industry professionals had moved on to using frameworks, DevOps, and Angular Front End.

I realized I needed to upskill myself and enrolled in Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Developer program to enhance my skills and get a job best suited to my talents.

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Engage in top notch curriculum, assessments and projects to enhance your skills and profile.

The Simplilearn learning experience 

I am delighted with the course I took at Simplilearn. Its instructors cleared any doubts I had immediately, and the classes were flexible.

After my capstone project, Simplilearn’s staff contacted me and were true to their word in helping me with my resume and interviews. They continued assisting in my job search.

In fact, during job interviews at TCS, I was asked about Simplilearn’s capstone project related to the Spring Boot framework. I was pleased that I could explain it well during the interview because of the help I received from the course.

Best of all, Simplilearn made me ready for my job interviews. Their staff provided me with the knowledge I needed about the latest trends in my industry — trends I missed during my maternity leave.

The course was beneficial in enhancing my skills, and I was also able to secure a 50% salary hike.

Taking Simplilearn’s course also helped me in my personal growth. Due to my career gap, I lacked confidence, and I feel that Simplilearn’s course boosted my confidence. Now, I can confidently address problems in my work life and perform better.

Also, my field is evolving every day, and I have to learn new things daily. But my base is strong, and Simplilearn helped me create that base. They have given me basic knowledge, and on that basis, I can always learn new things.

You can re-enter the job market

People often say that once a woman leaves her job to take care of her family, she is considered unfit for the job market. We are told to be homemakers and to lower our expectations. But that’s not true. If you have a will to upskill yourself and reenter the workforce, you can always do that. You just have to try.