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A Step Towards a Career Change

Soumya G K

Soumya G K

1+ years

Trainee Full Stack Developer

Trainee Full Stack Developer

LEJHRO Technology Pvt Ltd

Software Developer

Software Developer

ZeOmega Infotech Pvt ltd

As documented by Soumya G K

Though I graduated in Electrical Engineering, I found my interest lay in a different field. I contemplated educating myself on my area of interest, which is Software Development. The switch to a new area is always overwhelming. Although with no idea of how to act, my decision was final.

The Journey 

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical, Electronics, and Communication from Bangalore. After completing my degree, I discovered my interest in Computer Science, specifically software technology. However, to go further in the field, I needed more relevant skills and certification to prove my calibre.

The Challenge 

Being a fresher, deciding the path to continue my career choice or switch was very hard. With zero understanding of software engineering, it took hard work to figure out the next step after deciding to switch the field. Moreover, the courses offered on different platforms mostly focus on theoretical knowledge rather than practical aspects. So, finding a suitable course of my choice took time as well. 

Simplilearn Solution

I like surfing the internet, which helped me find Simplilearn. I checked their courses and found the Full Stack Development Masters Program to fit my interest perfectly. Additionally, the Simplilearn course review encouraged me to choose the option. 

As completely new to the field, I needed a basic understanding before diving into the technical background. Their course structure seemed to be framed accordingly. So, with the facility for interview preparation and promising stats, I took my step forward to my career of interest. 

The most significant benefit I availed myself of was completing the course at my pace. With both live and recorded lectures, there wasn’t the option to miss any. In addition, the teachings of industry experts gave practical lessons apart from deep understanding and market insights.

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
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The Impact 

I received my first job offer after completing the course. The well-structured course helped me get a thorough grasp of each concept. In addition, the expert’s insights on the market conditions and incidents of generally faced situations during the role helped me understand my company’s expectations better. 

The instructor’s guidance and my analytic approach made me a competent candidate, leading me to secure the job. My decision to upskill my career in a different field seems accurate now as I work as Software Developer at ZeOmega Infotech Pvt Ltd. I am certain that my training and hard work will assist me in accomplishing my long-term goal of exploring and growing my professional career. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Simplilearn’s Full Stack Development Masters Program encourages innovation and career development through expert front-end and back-end development training. It is a high-demand skill requiring complex technical knowledge from web to app development. We cover each aspect comprehensively and practically.