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Successful Career Transition to an Educator

Picture of Akshay Eranjadath

Akshay Eranjadath

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Associate Test Engineer


As documented by Akshay Eranjadath

I am Akshay Eranjadath, a young technology enthusiast from Kerala, India. After completing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, I was unclear about my career ahead. At that time, I came across a specialization program offered in my field. Considering that upskilling is always beneficial and would surely help me secure the desired job, I went on to go for learning with Simplilearn. The benefits were evident in the form of securing a new job within two months of completing the course. 

The Journey 

I completed my BSc in Computer Science from Farook College, Calicut. The next step after graduation was complete confusion about a future career path, which is highly common in the Indian population. However, I feel great to timely decide my career path. I enrolled in a Master’s Program in Full Stack Java Development offered by Simplilearn and started my e-learning journey. After completing the course, I began my professional journey, which was my career’s first job with Schlumberger as an Associate Test Engineer. 

The Challenge 

The confusion after graduation overwhelmed me with loads of courses available on the internet. What I needed the most was a valid certification with an in-depth understanding and practicality to enhance my skills. I wanted to utilize my previous knowledge and combine the new learnings to develop better in my profession. 

Simplilearn Solution

Choosing Simplilearn came out to be fruitful. The high-quality facilities were available from the first day, which made my overall learning experience very nice. The way the mentors taught us was unique. They provided online live classes as well as self-learning resources. The best thing was the recorded videos of live classes; they helped me to revise the portions covered in live classes. 

Furthermore, there is an option to ask doubts during the class. With the helpfulness of mentors, this facility was one of the best features. The career mentor also guided me through placement-concerned doubts. The immediate responses, irrespective of the contact time, earned him loads of my respect for his dedication to work. I want to thank Simplilearn for helping me upskill and get a job. From not knowing how to code in Java to earning the Full Stack Java Developer certificate, it was an adventurous journey for me. As mentioned in the course, it is actually suited for beginners. 

Full Stack Java Developer Master’s Program
Start building your product from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training

The Impact 

This course was the turning point of my life. With the help of mentors from Simplilearn, I learned java from scratch. I felt confident in my learning and skills, which helped me crack the interviews. The process for placement started after the completion of the course. At this step, the job assistance program of Simplilearn proved very beneficial. Finally, I secured a job within two months at a highly appropriate job profile and company. Yes, I could start my professional journey with this Master’s Program Certification and join Schlumberger as an Associate Test Engineer. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Full Stack Java Developer course from Simplilearn offers a 100% job guarantee. The specifically designed job assistance program has helped candidates secure good job profiles at reputed companies with astonishing packages. The core conceptual understanding of industrially required sections and programs with guidance from experts is the most helpful part of this course. 

Skills Covered

  • Agile
  • Hibernate and JPA
  • Java
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Spring Core 5.0
  • Servlets
  • DevOps
  • SOAP and REST
  • AWS
  • JavaScript ES6
  • JSP

The 24*7 assistance taken by students has helped them develop understanding and clarity towards studied material. Moreover, the mock interview preparation and exclusive job portal help crack any sort of interview, irrespective of beginner or advanced level. Zeomega, IBS Software, Deloitte, and Wissen technology are some of the few companies where the alumni from this course are posted.