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The Leap of Faith to Designing

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Noble Yugesh

1+ years

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Design Consultant

APA Engineering Ltd.

As documented by Noble Yugesh

I am passionate about learning new skills and keen to explore new possibilities. I always aim to become a successful professional in my desired domain. I look forward to expanding my skill set and grasping new techniques and strategies to achieve my long-term goals. With the help of Simplilearn, I got my desired skills and stepped foot into the UI/UX designing industry.

The Journey 

I completed my graduation in mechanical energy from Sathyabama University. After finishing my engineering degree, I did an internship as an associate at Hyundai. I worked there for around two months. I learned certain qualities like how to work in a team, productivity, time management, and more. Later, I switched to the field of design. I am currently working at APA Engineering as a Design Consultant. 

The Challenge 

After completing my graduation in mechanical energy from Sathyabama University, I did an internship as an associate at Hyundai. I was very confused regarding my career options. I started to feel like I did not belong in mechanical engineering. I began to look around for different career options. I was already intrigued by designing from my graduation years, so I looked at it as a new career. 

I started researching and analyzing the skills and other requirements for a career in the design domain. To learn about designing, I tried getting different people’s perspectives through various sites. I also watched several videos on UI/UX designing. But, I was not getting any good quality content to learn design. Then, I came across the UI/UX designing courses, which could be a great help for me. To build a good career ladder in design, I decided to pursue a certification course in UI/UX design. From being a mechanical engineer and associate at Hyundai to taking a leap and becoming a Design Consultant, the journey was smooth and filled with a lot of learning.

Simplilearn Solution

I started looking for good online courses or programs. Once I had a list of all the skills I needed to add to my skill set, I narrowed the search process. I was looking for a cost-effective, industry-focused, detailed course that would help me get the proper guidance and knowledge for my career. I came across multiple classes while I was on the hunt for the perfect one. When I came across the UI/UX Design Expert program by Simplilearn, I was happy to find the ideal solution for my needs. I contacted Simplilearn customer care as soon as I decided to go for the program. They answered my queries regarding the UI/UX Design Expert program very well. Hence, I decided to sign up for the course. 

The curriculum design of Simplilearn’s UI/UX Design Expert program was very well-detailed, with several hands-on practical projects. The course was delivered by industry experts of designing. The study material provided was very well-structured and easy to understand. There were several Q&A sessions. We were trained in almost all the latest and innovative tools in the market. My favorite part of the program was that I had the flexibility of time for my learning. Thanks to Simplilearn’s video material and other content. 

UI/UX Design Expert
Create immersive UI via wireframes and interactive prototypes

The Impact 

When I finished my internship at Hyundai, I was lost. I felt like I was not enjoying working in that domain. I decided to prepare myself for a different career path in the best way possible. I chose UI/UX designing, but I had to learn a lot. Simplilearn came as a blessing in my life. The course helped me enhance my skills and get a desirable job to kickstart my career in design. 

The classes were taught by the best in the UI/UX industry. It included a lot of real-life projects, which were very beneficial. The faculty shared their experience, too, which has been immensely helpful for me in my job. They made sure that every student had each concept clear, not only theoretically but also practically. I am glad I signed up for Simplilearn’s UI/UX Design Expert program. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Are you thinking of starting a career in UI/UX design? Simplilearn has designed the perfect program for you, UI/UX Design Expert program. The structure of the program is designed to teach you the design-centric approach toward a user-friendly interface, UX research, UI styling, and much more. The program comes with an industry-recognized course completion certificate.

Skills Covered

  • UI and Visual Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Designing
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Usability Testing
  • Information and Interaction Design
  • Heuristic Evaluation

After one has completed the course, you will have a grasp of the fundamentals and the advanced concepts of UI/UX designing. The course opens up the mind to innovation and creativity.