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Building Digital Marketing Skills Through Online Learning

Sachin R A

Sachin R A

13+ years

Business Development Director

Business Development Director


Immigration Specialist

Immigration Specialist

Stratix Consultants

As documented by Sachin RA

Since completing my bachelor’s in hotel management from the PES Institute of Hotel Management in Bangalore, I have held various jobs in different industries. I first worked with Kingfisher Airlines as a guest service agent. In 2009, I switched to a sales career and joined Virgin Mobile India as a territory sales manager. Later, after holding various jobs, I became the director of business development for, a B2B E-marketplace PAN India catering to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). My role at involves business expansion, customer acquisition and retention, budgeting, and sales forecasting.

Working in the e-commerce industry involves a considerable amount of technology and innovation. Although I have more than a dozen years of sales experience, I needed to upskill myself in digital marketing and learn more about marketing as a whole since I once had started my own venture.

I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist course which exposed me to a broad range of digital marketing tools and provided me with project experience I could use in my career.

Currently, I work in Al Salmiyah, Kuwait, as an immigration specialist for Stratix Consultants. 

Simplilearn’s quality curriculum

I had a great experience learning using Simplilearn. As one with little experience in the digital marketing world, Simplilearn taught me many new things I can apply to my business and personal interests. The features I liked best about the Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s program were the curriculum structure, the quality of the teaching faculty, and the self-learning videos, which offers a lot of additional details.

Professional Certificate In Brand Strategy
Become eligible to get SPJIMR Executive Alumni Network membership post-program completion

The Simplilearn advantage

Among the options available (such as Upgrad and others), Simplilearn offered the best-structured curriculum. I also have heard from friends who agree that Simplilearn’s teaching method is better than other online courses.

Upskilling is important

I already had traditional marketing experience and knowledge, but I knew I needed to learn more about modern marketing methods, especially in the digital space. Simplilearn helped me gain new and innovative ideas to promote my business at a much faster pace.