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Climbing To New Heights With PG in Digital Marketing

Immanuel Dayal Walker

Immanuel Dayal Walker

32+ years

Regional Business Leader & Sales Leader

Regional Business Leader & Sales Leader


Regional Business Leader & Sales Leader

Regional Business Leader & Sales Leader


As documented by Immanuel Dayal Walker

I am Regional Business Leader & Sales Leader at DuPont Filaments, South Asia. As a founder of a social organization – Elim Care, my passion is to eradicate poverty and uplift the needy. I work dedicatedly to providing education and basic amenities to the underprivileged, and our organization has assisted over 2000 children.

My Journey & Challenges

With 33 years of Industrial experience in Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Plant commissioning, Market survey, New Product and Application development, Marketing and Sales Management and High-level customer engagement, I realized Digital Marketing had become a dire need to thrive in the constantly evolving technical environment. Why shouldn’t I explore the zenith of online marketing too when I was already acing offline? And so, I went for a PGP in Digital Marketing course to upskill myself and gain better knowledge of the Digital Marketing domain.

Finding Simplilearn The Most Suitable for Learning Digital Marketing 

When looking for online digital marketing courses, I came across Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing. Initially, I was planning to opt for multiple courses, but Simplilearn’s comprehensive course structure came as a complete package. The global recognition and collaboration with Purdue University and Meta Blueprint helped me decide that this program deserved a plunge. 

A well-defined curriculum, nicely laid study material and amazing video lessons made learning enjoyable in a friendly atmosphere. There were simple tests after every lesson to brush up on the learning. The analysis of the answers propelled knowledge. Learning was made easier with a great faculty in addition to feedback sessions and timely help from the support team. Each class feedback session brought along a willingness to improve, and I could see my domain knowledge expand.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Industry projects from 5 domains and 14+ course-end projects

The Powerful Influence 

The learning methodology adopted by Simplilearn bridged the gap between the classroom and online learning with effective systems. The real-world case studies made it easier for me to apply my knowledge to my present projects. On course completion, my demonstrated newly acquired knowledge earned me new projects. I now lead the digital marketing efforts of DuPont Filaments. 

Digital marketing is not coming slow in today’s fast-paced world, and here I stand, all braced up to push the limits and fast-track my career. Looking ahead to fulfilling my dreams while making effective use of the transition happening across the world with the help of digital marketing.