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How Upskilling Gave Me Confidence and Independence

Syamala Ashok

Syamala Ashok

12+ years



Transform Automation India Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Professional

Marketing Professional


I am the co-founder of Transform Automation India Pvt. Ltd., an IT firm which makes software for chartered accountants. I have an MSc. in Computer Science and have taught for 12 years+ at the Senior Secondary level. Teaching is my passion, and I still teach whenever I get the chance. 

In the early days, my company largely depended on digital marketing agencies for our marketing needs. Collaborating with these agencies was tough, due to their lack of product knowledge as well as differences in opinion. Often, these agencies could not market the product properly. Since I knew the product very well, I decided the best way forward was to market it myself. However, I wanted formal training in digital marketing.

Initially, I searched for digital marketing courses on free platforms like YouTube, but the content seemed disorganized. Eventually, I decided to enroll in Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. The main reason for my choice was the program’s teaching pedagogy. I was highly impressed by the well-defined curriculum and the live interactive classes. Getting certified by Purdue University was another appealing factor.

I was a little skeptical at first, but the course instructor and course materials were all amazing. Upskilling went great! I found the live classes extremely helpful, and the support team always promptly resolved any questions I had. I used my company’s website and social media to perform and complete various course projects, which was valuable practical experience. Also, the option for weekend classes allowed me to manage work and studying side-by-side.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Expert sessions and AMAs by Meta Blueprint trainers

I am really happy with Simplilearn’s program and how it helped my personal and professional growth. I am now confident that what I learned in this course will help me increase the outreach of my company and our products. I also like hiring full-stack developers who have completed coursework at Simplilearn, since I trust the quality of instruction there so much.    

I am confident that the skills and knowledge I acquired will help me build a strong brand for my company. I’m also no longer dependent on external digital marketing agencies!  I can utilize my own expertise and the skills I acquired from Simplilearn’s course.

Upskilling is very important during these changing times. My advice to aspiring professionals is to invest in courses like Simplilearn’s that are well-recognized and offer appropriate content.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing