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Landed a New Job!

Nainika Kaith

Nainika Kaith

3+ years

Business Development Supervisor

Business Development Supervisor

Tricity Infra Planners & Developers Pvt. Ltd.

PPC Associate

PPC Associate

Growth Natives

As documented by Nainika Kaith

With the motive to upskill, I pursued the Digital Marketing Specialist Course from Simplilearn and landed a new job with a significant salary hike!

My Career Journey So Far

After completing my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I started my career in the field of Sales and upselling, but I always had an interest in marketing. While looking for courses that would help me advance my knowledge, I came across the Digital Marketing Specialist course on Simplilearn. The course contributed quite significantly to my professional journey, and I got hired by a real estate company as the Digital Marketing head. The skills acquired during the course also helped me land my current job at Growth Natives as a PPC associate.

The Challenge

I had been looking for opportunities to change my career path since I always had an interest in marketing and was looking to upskill and become a subject matter expert in Digital Marketing. After exploring a lot of digital marketing courses online, I came across Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Course and went through the curriculum. It had all the topics I wished to cover, and I signed up for the course.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate Exam Voucher worth USD $99

The Simplilearn Solution

The course was exactly what I was looking for since I wanted to get trained in various aspects of Digital Marketing and the course covered all of them. I was very happy with the quality of the content and the comprehensive curriculum of the course. The course is in collaboration with Purdue University, which gave it credibility and was an added advantage. The teachers were always there to clear my doubts. Learning on my own schedule allowed me to study without compromising my other commitments.  

The Simplilearn Impact

After completing this course and gaining practical experience, I started working with another real estate company as their Digital Marketing head. Because of the skills acquired through the course, she was hired by Growth Natives as a PPC associate. I am truly grateful to Simplilearn for helping me advance my career.

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Digital Marketing Specialist Course is designed for professionals who want to pursue a Digital Marketing career, understand the principles, and acquire hands-on experience, as well as experienced marketers who want to upskill and study the latest Digital Marketing techniques. This online marketing course features Masterclasses from Meta and Purdue to train you with the best digital marketing tools. Case studies from Harvard Business and Google and Facebook projects provide real-world experience.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing