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Leading the Department with Career Change 

Picture of Dr. Mohamed Baydon

Dr. Mohamed Baydon

20+ years

Picture of Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy Manager


Picture of Head of Ecommerce

Head of Ecommerce

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As documented by Dr Mohammad Baydon

I am an experienced pharmacist, but the identity with no recognition led me to worry about my future. As my interest in my profession decreased, I started craving new challenges, knowledge and exposure to remain competent. It encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and pursue new responsibilities and opportunities available in the world. 

The Journey

I have been a pharmacist since 2008; however, dealing with the same challenges felt so frustrating that I became lazy and worried about the future. I wanted recognition among the public, and it demanded a blend of skills, hard work and talent. The constant urge to learn and receive accreditation made me take the plunge and avail the opportunity to learn the most current and promising skills.

The Challenge

The stagnancy in my career frustrated me, decreased my interest and discouraged me from delivering my duty honestly. Although, finding a new passion with trending courses wasn’t easy. I wanted to excel and thus required quality platforms that impart education. Having tried multiple organizations, I was never satisfied with the quality of education they provided as they didn’t appear promising enough to help me tread on a new career domain path.

Simplilearn Solution

I chose Simplilearn for its advanced and comprehensive curriculum of study. The amazing Simplilearn reviews on various platforms further prompted me to take up a new course. Based on my experience with prior organizations, I found it top-notch in courses, projects, exams, guides and industrial experts. Each activity was valuable and well-planned to impart knowledge. 

Digital Marketing
Become eligible to get SPJIMR Executive Alumni Network membership post-program completion

The Impact

I reached my goal of changing my career domain and joined the post of Head of E-commerce. I also use my expertise in healthcare through my current role. Currently, I lead the departments at three jobs, working remotely in two organizations and on-site at one organization. Additionally, I earn 60% more than in my previous role. I am highly satisfied with my decision to upskill and choose Simplilearn as the medium.                                                                                                                  

A Word From Simplilearn

Master’s Certification in Digital Marketing Specialist ensures education on advanced tools and techniques to the candidates. Simplilearn covers several domains like conversion optimization, content, email and mobile marketing, digital analytics, pay-per-click, SEO and social media. The certification earned aligns with Blueprint, OMCP, Google and Facebook. 

Covering the tools used in multiple MNCs and top companies, candidates can expect exposure to working on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Bing, Twitter ads, Hootsuite, Instagram and much more.