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Promotion with a 25% Salary Hike!

Thomas Arokiaswamy

Thomas Arokiaswamy

11+ years

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As documented by Thomas Arokiaswamy 

Wanting to upskill in digital marketing, I was looking for affordable courses when I came across Mastering SEO by Indic AI and Simplilearn. Upon completion of the program, I was able to upskill and get a promotion with a 25% salary increment. 

My Career Journey So Far

I got polio in my right leg at a young age, so I had to drop out of school. But my mother was determined to get me educated and helped me return to formal education. Today, I am a B. Com graduate. I completed my graduation back in 2003. I started off as a lab assistant. Since then, I have done some small jobs like Data Entry and worked in call centers as a chat support executive. 

In 2014, I joined WSI ALM as a link-building executive and have been working there ever since. After seven years, I got promoted to SEO Accounts Executive at my company after taking the Mastering SEO – Indic AI and Simplilearn course. 

The Challenge

I was already working in the digital marketing domain. But after working there for a while, I wanted to increase my knowledge in the field to perform better at my job, so I decided to upskill myself. I thought that a professional certification in the same would be extremely beneficial for me to advance my career. 

Affordability was a huge concern, and I only came across courses that were expensive. I was looking for something that I could afford. That was when I heard about Simplilearn’s collaboration with Indic AI which aimed to provide premium professional courses at discounted prices for differently-abled students. 

The Simplilearn Solution

I took the opportunity and joined the Mastering SEO – Indic AI course. Indic AI sponsored the program. I had to pay only INR 5,000; the rest was paid for. 

It was easy to take the course on my computer. I have recordings of all the lectures that were given during the course. I did not face any obstacles. The batch was conducted in the morning, which was helpful since I work at night as my company is based in Canada.

Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing
6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program Explore Program

The Simplilearn Impact

Thanks to the well-structured program, I have learned a lot of new skills. I learned the basics of digital marketing. I informed my manager about the certification and was trusted with more work responsibilities. 

I was able to get a promotion with a 25% salary hike after I completed the course in 2021. I was promoted from Link Builder to SEO Accounts Executive after seven years of working at the company. I am happy for the support my company gives to differently-abled employees. I want to continue with the job and am extremely satisfied with my career path. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Our SEO Specialist Program is designed for professionals to master the intricacies of SEO from day 1. Learn keyword and on-page optimization, link building, web analytics, and content marketing. Students will work on various projects to prepare them for managing inbound marketing initiatives.

With a comprehensive curriculum, students can access over 35 live, instructor-led online classes conducted by multiple trainers. You will learn from high-quality simulation exams, e-learning content, monthly mentoring sessions, an expert-moderated community, and more to help you master the world of SEO.

Upon completing the course, students will receive a Master’s certificate from Simplilearn, validating their ability to lead marketing efforts in top organizations. Fast-track your digital marketing career and become an SEO specialist from the ground up.