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Transitioning to an Entirely New Career

Alessio Cofone ACIM

Alessio Cofone ACIM

6+ years

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

United Grand Lodge of England

Web Content Manager & Product Owner

Web Content Manager & Product Owner

United Grand Lodge of England

A Little About Myself and My Journey

As documented by Alessio Cofone

I live in London, in the United Kingdom. I hold a Master’s degree in Digital Communication and Media from London Metropolitan University. Until 2016, I worked as a freelance massage therapist for about six years. But after a few years on the job, I realized that working in the hospitality industry wasn’t my dream career, and my prospects were limited. So, I needed to change direction.

My interest lay in Digital Marketing, so I started exploring more about it on the Internet, which, after a bit of searching, is how I chose Simplilearn to get the necessary certification and upskilling.

Why Upskilling Was Right for Me

After a few years in the hospitality industry, it occurred to me that I wanted more stability and direction in my career path. I was interested in Digital Marketing but came from a completely different background.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty

Simplilearn Turned Everything Around

So, once I chose Simplilearn, I opted for their Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s program to acquire the skills required to get ahead in this new field. Within three weeks of my completing the course, I secured a job in the field of Digital Marketing with the United Grand Lodge of England, and have been there for the past three years.

Simplilearn stood out for me because of its unique features, and I especially appreciated the blended learning approach of live classes and recorded lectures. Thus, I could complete the session during my lunch breaks in the office or over the weekends, not impacting my job. Simplilearn also features excellent time management capabilities, allowing me to set the number of hours I want to spend every day on the course. 

So, Simplilearn turned out to be a life-changing platform for me that helped me to make the transition to a career that I always wanted and gave me the tools that every digital marketer needs to succeed in today’s market.

A Parting Thought

Without upskilling, there is no growth. So, continue to upskill and better yourself. 

What is my honest rating of Simplilearn certification training?

Honestly, I would rate Simplilearn 10/10 because, without their guidance and support, I wouldn’t have been able to find a good job in digital marketing. Simplilearn certification training gave me the recognition and career boost to approach companies and crack interviews to find a job that is perfectly matched with my skillsets.

During my career transition, how has Simplilearn certification helped me?

My career transition was tough as I worked in an entirely different, non-technology domain. Transitioning from there to a digital marketing role in such a short time was only possible due to the training and visibility I got through Simplilearn’s certification program. I thank them wholeheartedly for helping me gain the technical expertise and jumpstart my career in digital marketing.