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Upskilled and Earned Promotion

Preeti Desai

Preeti Desai

7+ years

Dean of Studies

Dean of Studies

InCHES Continuing Skill Development LLP

Vice President Organizational Development and Customer Experience

Vice President Organizational Development and Customer Experience

InCHES Healthcare Pvt Ltd

As documented by Preeti Desai

I am an educator and Dean of Studies at inCHES Academy with a biotechnology background. My area of expertise includes molecular biology, biotechnology, research, and digital marketing. Being a course coordinator, I am accountable for the marketing training courses of the organization. Further gaining enhanced knowledge with a practical approach helped me earn a promotion to Vice President of Organizational Development and Customer Experience, coupled with a salary hike in the present role. 

The Journey 

I come from a Biotech background with MSc in Biotechnology from Mumbai University. Besides being skilled in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Research, currently, I work as the Dean of Studies at inCHES Academy. Having been associated with InCHES for 6 years, my current responsibilities include Human Resource Management and Training and Quality and Communications Management. I help to build Customer Centricity within the organization and with the customers to manage customer feedback, drive service excellence, and support revenue enhancement programs. I am also the course coordinator and help market training courses for my organization. 

The Challenge 

Working full-time in inCHES, the projects required me to upskill for better knowledge. However, there was limited time for attending the courses to gain expertise. Furthermore, I needed a project for hands-on experience for better understanding. Finding all of these in a single educational platform with quality and a hybrid learning method was challenging. 

Simplilearn Solution

Keeping my job to learn more about new projects, I chose Simplilearn due to the availability of all the preferences I needed the most. The conceptual clarity from teachers and study materials delighted me. I could apply the learned concepts and techniques, which made my journey at Simplilearn and hard work fruitful. I applaud their course design that considers every level of candidates by being equally versed for freshers and professionals. 

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing
6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program

The Impact 

Post course completion, I received new projects in my current role. The course also let me earn a 25% salary hike in my current role. Moreover, I am lined up for promotion to the post of Vice President of Organizational Development and Customer Executives.  To sum up, I am glad by my choice as I could gain immense knowledge in the field, thus excelling in my career. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

A Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing from Simplilearn is available in combination with Purdue University and Meta Blueprint, earning integrated certification from these three. The course revolves around the case studies from Harvard Publishing and expert knowledge, along with study material designed to provide conceptual understanding. The educators provide queries to every question encouraging doubts and self-analysis of candidates. The program is also available with credit transfer, thus allowing simultaneous completion of a degree course. 

Skills Covered

  • Language Targeting
  • Search Psychology
  • Website Management and Optimization
  • Advanced Ad Features
  • Web Analytics
  • Ad Testing and Extensions
  • URL Management
  • Keyword Organization and Match Types
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Management and Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Campaign and Ad Group Organization
  • Social Media Strategy
  • PPC strategy

The Professional Certificate Program provides insight into the professional aspect of the industry. The hands-on projects and quality masterclasses from experts are ensured to provide meaningful information about the current scenario.