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Work Break Turned Fruitful Through Simplilearn

Arnau Fontanet Ros

Arnau Fontanet Ros

4+ years

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager


As documented by Arnau Fontanet Ros

I took a break from my Sales Manager job. With fast-paced progress in the industry, it was necessary to learn new tactics and emerging technologies. This motivation led me to take a course to learn more about marketing. 

The Journey 

I am a person who has always worked in the startup environment in Barcelona. I have always been related to sales. Though being in the industry, I was still unaware of its mechanistic aspect. I held a will to understand a little bit more about how marketing works and where the leads came from. It encouraged me to look for learning. 

The Challenge 

The will to learn deep marketing insights was enough to motivate me. However, consistency requires quality material, experts, and a good choice of an educational platform. All of this wasn’t easy to find in one package. Additionally, changing the job perspective to a learning perspective required a mindset change, which I had to work through personally. 

Simplilearn Solution

I found the solution to all the issues. Firstly working on myself, I took a break from my job to give myself time to learn and apply skills through focus. Moreover, I found all the features: quality study material, expert guidance, and great Simplilearn customer service. The course material was easy to follow, and the comprehensive curriculum answered all my doubts. Furthermore, I even got an opportunity to work on new projects and gain hands-on experience.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program

The Impact 

 Previously working as a Sales Manager, I landed a new role at the post of Project Manager. I also received the responsibility of new projects. The new challenges also aided my personal growth by teaching me confidence and creativity. 

In view of my future aim to work as a growth strategist in startup and decision-making, I further wish to upskill myself with Simplilearn. I consistently perform exponentially and deliver impactful outcomes. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Master’s Program in Digital Marketing Specialist provides in-depth and advanced knowledge of digital marketing domains and comes loaded with hands-on experience in real-world projects. Distributing knowledge on around 30 tools, the willing candidates are on their way to expertise in digital marketing.

Additionally, the certificate alignment with giant MNCs provides exposure and opportunity to increase growth and confidence and excel in the career.

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