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Simplilearn Reviews: How Self-investment Led to My Career Transition

Picture of Vikas Pandey

Vikas Pandey

8+ years

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Change And Release Manager


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Manager (Commercial Excellence)

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As documented by Vikas Pandey

Working in the IT service management domain for ten years, I knew I had unfulfilled potential. With no direct reports under me, I worked closely with my company’s pre-sales team to convert bids into projects, understand the client requirements, and prepare pre-sales presentations. Although I set a goal, I could not drive projects from start to finish because I lacked the technical and management skills required to lead teams. 

As a commerce graduate from Mumbai, India, I invested almost five years into Atos, a European IT services company specializing in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data, and cybersecurity services. 

I knew that if he wanted to change my career path, I would need to invest in myself. Therefore, I began my search for a course that offered in-depth knowledge about IT service management and practical experience in implementing the methodologies and frameworks in real-life scenarios. As a result, I enrolled in Simplilearn’s ITIL Lifecycle Expert Training after evaluating the course material, schedule options, and course advisors. 

Achieving Distant Goals

Simplilearn’s ITIL training program proved to be a turning point in my life. I spent over an hour each day during the week and nearly three hours on weekends taking the training.

“Simplilearn had the most convenient class schedules. It provided me with an online learning platform without forcing me to compromise on my professional and personal time. I was able to plan my class timings at my own pace.”

Simplilearn also offered the advantage of revisiting the lectures repeatedly so that I could spend additional time on the concepts I found most complicated until I felt confident applying them in real-life scenarios. 

Simplilearn’s training equipped me with the critical skills I needed for my job. For example, the classes on service operations and continuous service improvement helped me understand the methodologies and skills required to run a project smoothly. Today, I can review and recommend improvements in a project lifecycle. I can also map my learning to enhance the cost-effectiveness and quality of service delivery for his company. 

Effective communication and stakeholder management is a crucial part of Simplilearn’s ITIL Lifecycle Expert training and includes everything from stakeholder management strategy and analysis to stakeholder engagement assessment matrix. The case studies included in the course allowed me to visualize these concepts before putting them into practice successfully.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Master’s Program
Get certified as an ITIL 4 Specialist and Strategist

Result: A Dream Job!

Before completing the ITIL course, I worked in a 100,000+ employee company without any direct reports of my own. Now I work as a senior project manager, and I handle a team of more than 70 people, and the team will soon expand to 100. As a result, I strengthened my confidence both at a personal and professional level, I can bring a more cohesive approach to my work. 

My decision to invest time in myself proved as a valuable investment of my time and money. I was able to carve a new path in my career by identifying my weaknesses and expanding my skill set on my own accord.