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Boosting a Healthcare Career With PRINCE2® and Data Analytics

Picture of Dominic Amon

Dominic Amon

1+ years

Picture of Pharmacy House Officer

Pharmacy House Officer

Maamobi General Hospital

Picture of Pharmacist


University of Ghana Medical Centre

As documented by Dominic Amon.

After six years of training at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, I obtained my pharmacist license. I began working as a Pharmacy House Officer at Maamobi General Hospital in Accra, Ghana. I managed the ART and diabetic clinics of the hospital. At the ART clinic, I was responsible for refills, counseling clients, and initiating new clients on therapy. I also checked for drug interactions, as most of the patients had other conditions such as hypertension, in addition to diabetes. This set me on the path to practice public health, primarily in HIV care and clinical pharmacy.

I developed an interest in health projects and programs, and decided to upskill. I saw the possibilities of big data in the pharmacy industry, and wanted to understand the latest technologies better. I plunged ahead and enrolled in Simplilearn’s PRINCE2® Practitioner and FoundationIntroduction to Data Analytics, and Digital Transformation Leader courses.

What I Gained From My Upskilling Efforts

These courses taught me how to calculate risks and when to act on them. The data analytics skills I acquired included gathering data, interpreting it, making inferences, and implementing solutions. The skills I learned from Prince2® and Introduction to Data Analytics will be useful in research pursuits as well.

My new skills helped me in my everyday work at the hospital. The certification helped me implement strategies to get my clients to adhere to therapy. I saw each client as a project and tackled each one individually. I had a plan to personally call them to remind them of clinic dates and check up on them. It also helped me to rate the performance and progress of therapy using key performance indicators.

PMP® Plus Master’s Program
Get hands on with industry specific projects

Today, I use my skills as a consultant and research pharmacist at Atlon Healthcare pharmaceuticals. My long-term career goal is to work on research projects where data is acquired, analyzed, and used to make good policies that ensure health equity and make a positive change on global health. I also intend to set up a wellness center to teach people about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. I hope to teach them how to be free from noncommunicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and how to maintain good mental health.

Next Steps

The certifications and knowledge I acquired from Simplilearn’s courses gave me the confidence to start applying for international jobs. The courses also taught me discipline, how to make good use of time, how to persevere, and how to achieve set targets. Sometimes I do come home tired, but I motivate myself to study. As a result, now I don’t give up easily — I keep trying.

My advice is to be dynamic, versatile, and innovative as a professional. Do not be satisfied with current achievements; rather, aspire to the best you can be. Seek every opportunity to grow!